I highly recommend a monthly massage, especially if you can find someone as good as my massage therapist.  In the world of “me time”, there’s nothing quite like what can become the ultimate guided meditation.  I look forward to it for a week before, and feel the effects for at least a couple of weeks after!

So half my day was spent enjoying the effects and after effects of my massage, and the conversation afterwards, and the other half with cleaning off my desk, talking to lenders and relaxing with the kids.  All in all, a very good vacation day!  And the perfect precursor to a couple of days of writing.  My mind is ready to move on to whatever flows from my fingers in the next couple of days as I continue to talk to people and get other perspectives.  It really is helping me get my own stuff into perspective, and more, out of the deep, dark hole I shoved it all into over the years.  I’m truly my father’s child in that regard! 

And now, I’m off to cuddle kitties who have been perfectly content to snuggle with us in the living room tonight!  Spoiled little darlings that they are!

Love and Light.