Wow!  What a crazy week!  Work was proposals, meetings, taxes, software and, amazingly, a relatively quiet Thursday (although working 2+ hours from home last night ensured that, I think!)  I now have four blissful days off, and start tomorrow with a massage!  Yummy! 

Hailey and Cinders are loving their job of ridding the garage of rats.  I actually saw Hailey go after one this evening, and don’t expect that rodent to be in one piece by morning.  Hailey seems to be in charge of all things above ground and Cinders takes care of the ones on the floor.  She’s so into her job that she heard scuffling in our little store room and had her nose under the door while she whimpered to get in.  Heather opened the door and pulled stuff out to give her easier access to her prey, and Cinders seems to be much happier this evening.  I’ve noticed that although they are eating, their cat food consumption has drastically decreased since we started letting them have free reign of the garage.  I’m really surprised that the rats haven’t bailed after watching several of their number meet an untimely end, but I saw one running across the garage door opener tonight, with Hailey weighing her options as to how she was going to catch it.  My money is on the cat. 

I talked about my book to a couple of more people at Borderline tonight at Kitty’s urging.  She’s really supportive of my little efforts.  Turns out, one of them also had her mother commit suicide when she was an adult, but in her case, the mother had been threatening for years, had attempted a few times and nobody took her seriously.  The common thread we had was the feeling of relief when the deed was finally done!  Her boyfriend was really excited about my book and agreed that it will definitely help a lot of people (I’d be happy with a few) who just don’t talk about the experience for various reasons. 

I plan on spending a good chunk of this weekend writing, although, I have to admit that the more I delve into it, the harder it seems as I really am opening up old wounds.  But as Robert John said at the sweat ceremony, you have to let things scar over and clearly, some of my wounds are still open.  Writing will allow them to finally heal and I’ll be much stronger for it. 

Heather and Mathom plan to go up to Bakersfield to visit her best friend tomorrow, and she thinks that will give me the day to write, but with a massage at 10 and various phone calls and such I need to make as it’s a work day for most, I don’t know that I’ll even have a chance to start writing until sometime tomorrow evening, but Saturday is definitely free, as is Monday for sure!  Sunday is my birthday so I’m just going to play that one by ear.  

I’ve also been helping keep the Petfinder site updated for Pink Paws so that takes a little time in the evening as well, but it, too, is a labor of love.  And I get to see the kitten pics first!  I even named one of the litters this week! 

About half of the brick wall in the entry way is now down, thanks to Heather’s and Mathom’s efforts.  It started out slow, but once they got a pair of tin snips to clip the strapping that was used to hold some of the bricks in place, the job started going faster.  At least the ladder is put away for now so Loki can’t climb up and try to help, but now Dylan thinks he needs to climb the wall!  Everyone wants to supervise! 

At any rate, I do have a little time right now and I want to support Michele’s efforts to educate people through her own experiences as well so I’ll cut this short (yeah, right, as if I can do that these days!  But I always said that I get my point across in 10,000 words or more!)

Love and Light.