Well, just as I take on a couple of new things, my book, the website for Pink Paws…wouldn’t you know that after over a year of not one single proposal, we’re now getting slammed and of course, everything has a very short turnaround.  I guess we’ll just have to follow the edict that bids and proposals is not an 8-5 job.  Tee hee.  Guess working the last one at 2 AM qualifies, huh?  But me and my buddy Steve will make it happen just as we always do!  Good thing his wife isn’t the jealous type, with the amount of time we spend on the phone while working one of these!  (not that she has a single thing to worry about!  It’s just work!) 

Meanwhile, Cinders and Hailey have been having a field day killing rats.  I was in the garage with them this evening.  Cinders was wandering around and finally jumped into the cage and let me give her some attention.  Hailey was standing guard on top of the storeroom to make sure the rats’ friends and family didn’t decide that it was still safe!  I’m guessing that there are lots of dead rat parts up there now!  They’ve definitely lived up to expectations!  As soon as they got out of the cage, the carnage began, although, so far, they’ve left no parts where we’ve found them. 

The book is still coming along, though slowly.  I’m spending more time letting things percolate right now.  In the meantime, I’m back to regular postings in my ACIM blog and have just about reached lesson 60.  The main problem I’m finding with it now is that, so many times, the lessons talk about not seeing, illusions and such, but I’m way ahead of the lessons.  I’m still going to keep plugging along though.  I simply add my own dialogue to the lesson and it tends to just make me aware of how far I’ve come on my own. 

Went over to TJ’s last night with Heather and Mathom.  A guy was standing on the corner with a sign saying “Jesus won”.  We made jokes about it, and Heather posted it on her facebook page.  Lots of funny commentary afterwards.  I know this sounds kind of disjointed, but ACIM tends to refer to G-d, the Father and the Son a lot.  I always change it to the Universe as that’s what feels more real to me. 

And on another note, I’m talking to lenders about refinancing the house to accommodate the remodel, and waiting to hear from the 3 contractors I sent my bid checklist to.  It does seem like the rates have come down some since last Friday, so I’m not rushing to commit to anything.  Besides, all of the lenders seem to have the same rates, it’s just the fees which vary, and the last two were quite a bit higher than the first guy I spoke to, so if he can do a little bit better deal than the one we discussed on Friday, he’ll probably get my business.  I’d like to see a couple of serious bids before I do make that commitment, though, despite the fact that I’m hearing about 45 to 60 days to close the loan, but 30 days to get the plans through the city.  However, there’s also the amount of time it will take to actually draw up the plans, so it may work out about right.   Just have to keep organized, but it looks like, if things go according to plan, we might be in remodel mode about the time Priti is in India, which will be interesting, at best.  Heather will have her trig class 4 days a week, I’ll be working my butt off and the we’ll have to be figuring out how to move the cats around (not to mention the furniture!) to allow for the inside work.  I’m not sure, at this point, how long it is going to take them to put the addition part together, though, so it might actually run into August, which might be better.  One way or another, all of the details will be worked out, and I may even manage a week off to just stay home and write!  Ah, bliss!

Love and Light.