Our Best Ideas Can Come When We’re Not Looking

Sticking to the plan went fairly well today, all things considered. I got about half of the client work I’ve had scheduled finished today, then met with a prospective client. And that’s where the fun began. It occurred to me that I’ve been a bit myopic about the scope of my accounting business, Have Ledger Will Travel. I’ve been promoting it as strictly accounting services, when in reality, it is the perfect vehicle with which to launch myself as a Virtual Assistant and even blogger-for-hire.

The epiphany came while talking to my friend about her businesses and the plans she had for herself and the people in her life. I realized that accounting is an administrative function and throughout my career, I’ve always expanded upon my original job description. Why not do the same for that which puts the fruits of my labor back into my own pocket, to do with as I see fit? And thus, Have Ledger Will Travel is evolving into the one stop shop for accounting, administrative tasks (email management, website optimization through regular content, payroll services, and basically, just about any office activity you can imagine. I am even quite well-versed at managing travel, should that need arise). Whether it’s a set of books which needs to be set up and maintained, regular blog posts written and scheduled for a website, or just organization of those often tedious administrative tasks which put a crimp in the productivity of an entrepreneur, Have Ledger Will Travel has the expertise and experience to streamline the tasks, or perform them on a regular basis, as needs dictate.

Preparing For the Upcoming Influx of Work

Naturally, the accountant in me immediately began revising the Chart of Accounts for HLWT to accommodate the new revenue streams. I won’t bore you with the details, but in order to re-invent my business, I have my own administrivia to manage. If you get a chance (especially if you find the upgrades of interest) please check out my “Hire Me” page. There’s a good chance we can help each other and maybe enjoy a few more epiphanies!

A Single Fly in My Ointment

It is to be expected that the early days of my new plan will have at least one area which suffers, albeit temporarily. For me, that area is my daily meditations. I’ve been so busy with the business of doing business that I work right through my meditation time and before I know it, it’s either time for dinner, or time to go out. My challenge for the coming week will be to remedy what I consider a rather serious omission. But what’s life and a new plan without a few challenges?

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for epiphanies.
2. I am grateful for the coming expansion of Have Ledger Will Travel.
3. I am grateful for the sharing of ideas.
4. I am grateful for a wonderful night of dancing, socializing and friendship.
5. I am grateful for abundance: epiphanies, ideas, new business, exercise, love, joy, health, harmony, peace, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

And now for some shameless self-promotion:
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