Just as I think I’ve run out of stuff to say, my mind starts to spin and I find that I’m heading in a whole new direction.  And the new direction is usually triggered by something else I wrote which just opens up more doors.  Is it really that it was always there or that the kickstart the writing is giving the healing process just knocks down walls I had erected over the years, even before my parents died?  I seem to have lost chunks of time between one set of memories and another.  Certainly, in time, those chunks will come back if there’s anything significant in them.  But still, the writing process continues as I’d suspected, and just goes off on it’s own.  I seem to be the tail and the writing is the dog these days.  I do find that I need a few days in between to let what I’ve written before just percolate.  Once it has had time to settle in and loosen some more of the mortar, as it were, I’ll sit and write another couple of thousand words or so on the new train of thought.  The real challenge will be to put everything together into a logical order once the main task of writing everything down is done.  As it is, I’ve already changed the title, and after being reminded of the very Christian based “Left Behind” series, I know that the change is a good move.  I even put the new title in my manuscript, though I haven’t actually changed the name of the manuscript’s word document. 

I’ve also added the task of helping keep the Petfinders website updated for all of our kitties who need homes.  Possibly just in time as our web mistress extraordinaire just got into the EATM program and her life is getting so busy she won’t even be able to foster any more.  I’m taking bets on how long it will take her to go into withdrawals!  She just loves the kittens! 

I’m sending out inquiries about the loan and need to put together a bid package for my contractors this weekend so I can get this show on the road.  One of the lenders said it would probably take 45 to 60 days to get funding because of the cash out and the HELOC.  They will have to subordinate in order for me to refi, but I’m really not worried.  It will all come together just as it should.  My boss shared his checklist with me, and the house he had redone for his in-laws is the same size as mine so I’ll be able to get a rough idea of costs, though I know he did some more expensive things which I don’t need or want to do.  So, lots to do this weekend, and I hope to get some of the weeds pulled in the front yard too, as the house will appraise better if the yard doesn’t look so messy!

Love and light.