I’ve reached about 9400 words and seem to have said most of what I need to say, but find that while certain aspects of the healing process are pretty much completed, others are just getting started.  And as they are, and I don’t know how or where they will go, I’ve hit a bit of a wall with the writing although I added another 1000 words or so tonight.  Part of that was reading through what I’d already written and adding here, deleting there.  I’m sure that process will continue until I get the whole thing wrapped up!

I got an email for a webinar about writing a book in a weekend, so I figured it must have come right now for a reason and gave it a listen.  It turns out that the woman is promoting her process for putting out a book which will be like a giant business card to, essentially, promote a business and it’s product.  A small portion of what she said was relevant to my project, but mostly it wasn’t.  However, I don’t discount things like this coming into my life as from each one, if I glean a single gem, I’m that much richer for the experience.  I’ve learned not to discount any relevant information that has potential value to my overall goals. 

I also got my first quote for the remodel from the contractor I’m referring to as “Flirty Guy” because he seemed to think that flirting with “lonely single woman” (he clearly didn’t get a good read on me!) would cause her to overlook the fact that he ignored half of what I told him I wanted and then put both carpet and tile flooring throughout the house into his astronomical bid of $230K!  I sent him a very polite “thanks but no thanks” email.  I wonder if it’s significant that his quote went directly into my junk mail folder?   

I started to look into financing by requesting a quote from the bank I do business  with, but they came back with a few points above their best rate and I told them, too, that I’d look elsewhere.  I know that, just like everything else, it will come together as it’s meant to and WHEN it’s meant to, so I won’t worry about it.  I still have to get JD’s bid checklist and send it to the other contractors.  I suspect that one of the others will come in very high as well, though.  As for the other two, I’m hoping they’ll be more reasonable and more realistic. 

Meanwhile, I move forward with my writing and visualizing that book tour and days spent writing instead of going into an office.  I also visualize some very nice checks as a result of my writing and, something I added tonight after listening to the webinar, speaking engagements as well!  So that is the gem I acquired from the experience.  Writing the book is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg to my becoming amazing!  To manifesting the woman within who will finally do something to help others find not only their peace but their joy.

Love and light.