It has been brought to my attention that I’ve missed a few days of blogging lately, for the first time in awhile.  My only excuse is that life happens!  I was away for two weekends in a row and am running like crazy to catch up.  Plus, I took on a few more activities.  We’ve been talking to contractors for the last few days about possibly remodeling the house.  If I decide the project is a go, I’ll need to then secure financing (or re-financing as it were) on ye olde humble abode.  Meanwhile, the two huntresses have finally taken up temporary residence in my garage until they realize that this is their new home.  The rats continue to tromp around my garage, little realizing that they are giving the two felines a road map as to where they can be found once the cage door opens permanently.  Woe be to said rodents!  So not only do I have to make sure my original furry children are getting enough attention, I have to make forays into the garage to pay attention to the new kids as well (not that it is any real trial as both Cinders and Hailey are total loves.  Hailey was shy at first but has come to realize that skritches from this stranger are at least almost as good as they were from her previous human parent.  Cinders, on the other hand, is an attention whore and really doesn’t care who gives the attention as long as she gets it!) 

So both writing and blogging have suffered the last few days, although I did get some writing in over the weekend on the book.  And when I’m not writing regularly, dreams take on any number of weird directions though sleep is still much better than it used to be.  Maybe unloading is a really good sleep aid? 

Heather is now out of school for the summer and has already begun demo-ing the brick inside my house.  Even if the remodel does not take place, we still want the brick down, so she may as well get started, and work off some frustrations from the last month of studying for finals.  It looks like, work-wise, she’ll be getting plenty of hours again, though!  And soon, she’ll be working on finding some grants and then the fun will begin!  We are probably going to attend a seminar on grant writing so we can improve her chances of getting money for her education once she transfers to the university. And the practice will be good for when she starts doing research. 

Work for me is…interesting.  Lots of meetings lately, and proposals seem to be real this year instead of just empty promises.  Hopefully, we’ll see more contracts soon to keep my staff busy and happy.  The dynamics in the office, which changed as of the first of the year are still off.  Although I can’t exactly put my finger on what is out of whack, I do know what the cause is and there’s really nothing I can do but learn to live with it, so I do.  And since I have so much going on in my own life, and so many possibilities now opening up, those work dynamics are becoming the least of my concerns.  Essentially, I’m trying to do the job without getting caught up in the interpersonal stuff.  My energy is better used for my writing these days. 

Anyway, a little blog so y’all don’t think I’m neglecting you.

Love and light.