As I try to juggle my writing assignments, I’m rethinking some of the things I’m doing.  My book is currently just a bunch of revelations, observations and concerns jumbled together however they come out of my brain.  But it makes me think that the long posts I’ve been putting in my blog could well be torturous for the reader.  As a result, I’ve decided that the posts will, from now on, be short and sweet, leaving the longer dissertations for the soon-to-be published work.

I do find it very telling that the date and time I started this post are filled with “1’s”.  This year clearly is continuing to remind me that there are major changes and new beginnings coming my way.  Once the book is published, I suspect the changes will start happening a lot more quickly, because many of them are directly tied to the publication of the book and all that will come after as a result. 

The sense of excitement and anticipation, at times, takes the form of nausea.  In fact, I’ve come to accept the fact that, most mornings, I wake up queasy but after I begin my morning ritual, it passes and I just get on with my day.  As the pace of my life quickens, I acknowledge that I must pay more attention to my health and do things which will revere and protect every cell in my body!  This will be my focus in the next days, and hopefully, the ideas will sprout forth in this blog as well. 

Love and Light