Today I spent some time meditating and planting the seeds to be carefully tended throughout the year.  In so doing, I realized that I no longer needed to plant one for increased health, stamina and energy because I’m well on my way.  That particular seed is well on it’s way to becoming a giant tree.  So I turned my focus to three things, plus one which was essentially dropped for awhile.  These things cover all of the major aspects of my life in their own way and involve the Arts, Hearth and Home, Financial prosperity and career satisfaction and finally, the one I have been avoiding for a long time, emotional completion.  As with all of my intentions over the last year or so,. I have put them out there, planted the seeds, as it were, and will let the Universe carry them where it may.  Although I will nurture my seedlings, I will not dictate how and where they grow.  I know that in doing so, I will most likely stunt their growth instead of allowing them to grow up as tall and strong as they might if left to grow in the direction they need to.  Like children, we may guide and give advice, but the ultimate decisions on direction and distance belong to them.  Our intentions are no different.  We cannot possibly see all of the possible outcomes, nor can we determine which will be the best for our intentions.  The Universal wisdom is a much better guide.  Certainly as a part of that Universal Wisdom, I will be part of that guidance, but only a small part, and certainly not enough to alter the direction taken.  For now, I am content with knowing that I have planted those four little seeds and will watch them grow and flourish throughout 2012.  As the year began, so shall it proceed; as an amazing, eventful, inspiring year in which I will learn much and accomplish more than I ever have before. 

Already I see changes in myself I would never have dreamed possible even a year ago.  So many wonderful people have become a part of my life that I am overflowing with gratitude and positive energy every minute of every day.  Even my relationship with my daughter is stronger than ever, and my rebel child is coming around more frequently as well. 

That isn’t to say that the crazy, vivid and sometimes scary dreams are not still part of the scenario, but shaking off the angry ones is easier and cathartic now.  I find it easier and easier to remember to send love and light instead of anger and frustration, to accept those who have wished me ill and above all, to forgive.  I’m far from perfect and have many more lessons to learn, but find that positive energy begets positive energy, and if each of us shares a bit with someone else, and they share some and so on and so on, it won’t be long before we can crowd the negative energy right out of the equation, or at least return to a balanced state.  I do understand that just as too much chaos is problematic, so is an abundance of calm.  Things need a certain amount of stirring up in order to encourage creativity and change.  Stagnation is not an option! 

And it is change which encourages us to plant our seeds in the Spring, nurture them through the summer and fall until we harvest their fruits allowing the plants to grow and prosper for many cycles to come.

Love and light