I’m now in my ninth month of A.R.T. training, and I’ve been doing some soul searching as we are doing more and more hands on work with other people.  For me, this is where the rubber meets the road, and I must understand why I was led to this path, and what I was meant to accomplish (and in some cases, have accomplished).

More and more, over the last few weeks, I have found that I am shying away from going into healing as a business pursuit.  Although I do feel that I have a certain amount of aptitude, given the gifts I have been given, I also realize that the actual work of doing it on a day to day basis is just not my passion.  Instead, it has opened up my heart and mind to possibilities and has helped me recognize blockages in myself which have, up until recently, prevented me from living my life’s true purpose.

I won’t necessarily be abandoning healing practices when the course is finished, but, instead, may find myself in a supporting role, perhaps helping with content for web pages, writing newsletters and ad copy, or supporting the business end of things.  I will continue to do work on myself and selected friends and family, but will leave the heavy duty, healing work to those who are not only more inclined, but who have also been trained in other modalities as well such as body work.  I may continue to do some distance healing as well, but the face to face practice is, I feel, too draining, and distracts me from  what I really want to do with the gifts and talents I’ve received.

Much of what I have learned and will continue to learn will, most likely, find its way into the things I write, whether they be fiction, memoir, self-help, or supportive of those whose path is to be a healing practitioner.  My path lies with the written word. 

My path is to be a successful author.  When I was doing some reading for the class and was asked to imagine a life of abundance, then make it grander, the first thing I thought of was a successful book, and when asked to make it grander, I visualized 10 successful books, and then, even more.

This, then, is where I go from here, continuing to learn, but using what I’ve learned to fulfill my own, personal passion.  Practicing healing with people I know rather than strangers (though, who really knows when and where I’ll be called upon to practice what I’ve learned), and doing what I can to promote non-medical healing modalities.

My gratitudes today are:
1. I am grateful for the lessons my A.R.T. class has brought me thus far.
2. I am grateful for the visions of abundance which are filling me with joy.
3. I am grateful for a large computer monitor on which to post sticky notes with my abundance.
4. I am grateful for increasing clarity in following my true path.
5. I am grateful that my path includes, love, joy and abundance, both giving and receiving.

Love and light.