I realize I haven’t posted anything in a couple of days, but it’s just been so very quiet and peaceful, I didn’t have much to say.  So peaceful in fact, that I faded out and was in bed before 10 last night, which almost NEVER happens!  I promised myself I would sleep in and cuddle kitties this morning.  The second part happened, but I was awake well before 8 and was able to let Loki and Toby sprawl across me for as long as they wanted (which for Loki wasn’t that long because the poor baby was starving!) 

So here I sit, with a quiet house (Heather’s at work and Mathom must have gone to check traps to see if Neko has shown up yet), chai and water at hand, and ready to actually do some writing today!  My first week without Priti was actually fairly peaceful.  I got a lot of work done!  In fact, in addition to the daily and weekly tasks she does, I got the budget updated and both bank recs done!  I have a feeling I’ll be very glad I did because I’ll be in meetings all day Tuesday and half of Wednesday, and I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop with the proposal I know is imminent.  It’s good to get the plate cleared before the storm begins brewing. 

Dylan has taken his usual place on the desk where he likes to lay while I’m working in my office.  In fact, in his mind, I should never leave and go work in any other office but this one!  (although, once the remodel starts, it will be better for me to be somewhere else, and, at some point, I’ll be without internet access for at least a day or two which would make it impossible for me to work from home for very long, and, even with my laptop, I could only do so much before I needed power or internet.

On the health front, the knee is feeling much better today, but I’m noticing weakness in my hip again, so the chair yoga I picked up off of Facebook last week should come in handy, but what I really need to do is get my lazy butt back to the gym and do some weight work that will strengthen everything back up!  (and this is why one of the things I’ve added to my meditation lately is motivation!) 

But my book awaits and I have much to do today, so I’ll end this as usual.

Love and light.