Will miracles never cease?  But the foot is still badly swollen and the rash seems to be creeping upwards so I wanted to put the leg up tonight.  But the good news is, it’s not so itchy any more.  Of course, my foot gets all hot inside whenever I take the antibiotic, but I’m hoping that’s just the meds killing all of the germies inside and the germies running around trying to escape the meds causing all of that internal heat.  Now, could we move that heat to my midsection to maybe kill some fat cells? 

So the kids talked me into going to dinner and a movie instead of just lolling around on the sofa, and, yes, I was able to put my foot up on the back of the chair in front of me, so elevation was accomplished.  We also found a Mongolian BBQ place we didn’t know was there, that was very good.  I’ll definitely go back!  And the new Pirates movie is worth seeing!  Many very funny lines and bits going on, and of course, the infamous Johnny Depp double entendres!  Too much fun!!!  I feel good for all of the laughter!

Now that things have calmed down a tad, I hope to get some work done on my book this weekend.  So far, I only have to go to Kohl’s with Heather Saturday morning, get my hair done Saturday afternoon, go dancing Saturday night, meet with one of the contractors Sunday morning and help with adoptions on Sunday.  Hmmmm, when did I say I was going to write?  And let us not forget the Collin Raye concert tomorrow night!  Yikes!  I’m just going to have to make time and sit my butt down at the computer, because I know that if I just sit down with the manuscript on the screen in front of me, amazing things will burst forth!  A couple of hours mid-day on Saturday should be a good start!

The fact is, I really miss jotting things down, whether it’s here, the book or Petfinders.  It’s like when I was a kid and I’d even read cereal boxes just to read something!  Only now, it’s writing!  I do need to set aside a weekend in the near future to get a good chunk of work done again!  I’ll have to check my magic book to see if that’s even possible!

But busy makes productive, so I should manage major productivity now!  Although, getting out in the yard, pulling weeds and getting my hands in the dirt really felt good this week too!  If it weren’t for work, I’d have all kinds of time to write and garden and such!  Oh, wait!  I like to eat and there’s this remodelling project I’m about to undertake!  Details, details!  But I know that when the time comes, it will all come together.  I’m laying the groundwork, and will just fit each piece of the puzzle in as it arises.  All will be even better than mere “well” before I’m finished!

Love and light.