This morning I woke up in the wee hours to Toby practicing his musicianship on the miniblinds again.  After repeated admonishments yielded unsatisfactory results, he found his furry self on the outside of the door.  Unfortunately, or maybe it was fortunately, I overslept because I kept hitting the snooze button in my sleep.  Upon arising I had time to ponder the fact that I had yet to make an appointment for my annual physical which led to pondering the highly unattractive rash I’ve been sporting on my right calf for the last 3 months or so.  Said rash has evolved into a badly swollen foot and calf and the inability to sleep or sit with pressure on my right side as it results in pain and numbness, neither of which are good things for feet or legs.  Of course, I’ve been googling the symptoms for awhile, but when the swelling started, the symptoms I googled were, frankly rather scary.  Thus, I decided that the smart thing to do was to stay home, wait for the doctors’ offices to open and get my butt, or leg, as it were, in front of a professional.  And this is where the “trust your intuition” part comes in.  The doctor took one look at my leg and said “You have a really bad infection.”  Now that would have been bad enough if she hadn’t said “‘We’re going to try a very aggressive antibiotic and if that doesn’t work, we’ll have to put you in the hospital.”  Of course, my first thought was for Dylan and how unhappy he is when I’m not there for him to snuggle with at night. 

Interestingly, he seems to get that this antibiotic (which scares me as it’s a flox, but I’m allergic to about 95% of the antibiotic families on the market!) could be the only thing between me and him sleeping alone!  He’s been smooshed up against me or on my desk all day long!  I swear, if he could cure what ails me all on his own, he would! 

Anyway, it seems that what was on my leg was an infection and when I scratched it, I must have broken the skin and those nasty little germies formed a conga line to my insides.  The good news is that it’s still localized, but the bad news is that it’s a hair’s breadth away from conga-ing it’s way all over my body!  So I will take that little white pill once a day but I’m also taking probiotics twice a day to counteract the ill affects of the little germ destroyers. 

So my advice today is, if you have a persistent rash on your body somewhere, don’t wait around for it to heal itself.  Find out what the heck it is and get it cured!  Frankly, this ain’t my idea of a good time, and I’m telling my body that it needs to find it’s healthy self and STAY there!    And this concludes our paid commercial announcement for this evening.    We now return you to our regularly broadcast program.  (or is it just more insanity?) 

Oh, and the worst part is, I didn’t get any more weeding done today, but Heather has made a huge dent in the cleaning of the house AND the cleaning up of the rat crap (and I do mean crap) that was in many of the boxes and such in the store room in our garage!  Not only that, she and Mathom are less than a dozen bricks from having the first part of the wall down!  I feel soooo useless!!!  But we all do what we can, and I’ll get more done tomorrow as the doctor swears that I should see results almost immediately!  No wonder my shoe was fitting so tight! 

Ok, enough whining!  Mostly, my world is a wonderful place!  All of my clothes are clean, my kitchen and bathroom are also almost clean (and I didn’t have to do those this week!) and the clutter in my house is slowly dissipating.  De-cluttering is so free-ing!  I can’t even tell you how nice it is to be able to fit my clean clothes in my closets and drawers, or to walk into my den and not stumble over piles of books.  I was even able to put my hands on the documents I was looking for in the first place I looked today (which wasn’t one of the places I looked the other night for some weird reason).  I knew I saw that file somewhere!  I just had to reset the memory card so I could remember where I saw it! 

Loan process is going along, and I keep getting updates telling me it’s moving forward.  Still waiting for one of the estimates, before telling the first one to sharpen his pencil, but again, I have time as the loan won’t close until July. 

Lots to do at work to keep me busy, and more to come if the word on the streets is to be believed.  Life is good!  Kitty’s are good!  The website for the kitties is also good!  I love being part of a team or teams who are working together to make a difference.  We are then, all important, no matter what part we play.  If nothing else, I can do something which frees someone else up to do things they prefer or are better at or have the resources I don’t, and that makes me very happy!  So if posting pictures and writing blurbs makes things easier on someone else, or allows them to do more, it’s a wonderful thing! 

Ok, I think I’ve rambled on long enough, gone from drek to joy in the process, and am borderline gushing.  Until tomorrow.

Love and light.