Egad!  The crazy insane pace of last week continues into this one!  Trying to catch up from all of the things I had to push off and deal with this week’s activities is rather mind boggling (not to mention a pain in my butt and other attached parts!).  I thought I’d have more time to deal with the weed situation tonight, but forgot I’d traded nights to clean cages.  It was just as well as I ran out of trash can space at about the same time I ran out of light.  But the can will be empty tomorrow night so I can work on filling it back up again! 

We’re still waiting to coordinate Hailey’s microchip, but I think Cinders discovered the newly unblocked cat door and has gone out to do a little scouting around.  Hailey has taken up the slack in the demanding cat department, however.  She meows loudly and pitifully from her temporary confinement and practically shoves her face through my hand when I reach in to give her skritches.  You’d think nobody had ever paid attention to these two, and I KNOW better! 

So, I guess I’m doing what I do best.  Juggling stuff, but I’m going to be up late tonight getting laundry done as Heather had a load in the washer which needed to be dried, and I didn’t get it into the dryer until about 8:30, so here I sit, waiting for my second load to make it through the wash cycle so I can dry the whole lot.  Ah well, sleep is overrated, and heck!  I found the paperwork I needed so that’s an added bonus! 

I have to take a moment to express gratitude for having so many amazing, talented, strong, intelligent, inspirational women in my life.  Every time I look around, I see more of them!  Their qualities inspire me to reach deep within myself to find the very best and brightest parts imaginable and polish them up until they shine ever brighter.  And not only are they all of these things, but they all know an incredible level of love both given and received.  It is so powerful that as I connect with these women and get to know them better, I can feel the strength of our combined knowledge, skills, joy and love becoming stronger and stronger until, at some point, this strength and love will simply overcome any and all obstacles which stand in the way of love and joy for everyone.  I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride that will culminate at a huge international fair that will dwarf any world’s fair ever known.  It will be as if everyone in the world suddenly sees the lightbulb come on and realizes their true and full potential to change things for the better.  And we will all recognize those who we need to join together with to fulfill our piece of the grand puzzle.  We will, essentially, recognize our connecting pieces and will reach out for that connection joyfully and gratefully. 

There have been many predictions of something I like to think of as a mass epiphany, when everyone suddenly realizes what really matters, and not only realizes, but acts upon it.  I feel like we’re heading for that grand epiphany, and as each day passes, we pick up speed until we will all reach that spot in a blaze of fireworks!  We will recognize our true selves and will do everything in our power to allow those true selves to manifest as the best and brightest us we can be.  There will be no limit as to what can be accomplished, manifested, invented, created.  And best of all, there will be no reason or purpose for anger, greed, jealousy or fear.  Those who attempt to exert power over others will no longer find success, but will, instead, be laughed out of existence by the masses they used to control.  Everyone has a piece of the action, is part of the community, so there just isn’t any way for one individual to seize power over others.  They won’t have any supporters to help reinforce their claim, so they will fade into oblivion. 

I’ve filled myself so full of wonder and awe, envisioning this amazing new world that I have to stop here or just explode with it all.

Love and light.