I had an amazing time at the latest AHS reunion yesterday!  So many smiling faces and everyone looks terrific!  Time definitely has been kind to the AHS grads!  The party was in full swing by the time I got there with many familiar faces and bunch of new ones too!  Best of all, though was the fact that Candy, her daughters and grandson made the trek all the way down from the far reaches of Northern Cal!  It was fabulous (I almost typed “faboo” but realized that it made me think of ditzy blondes in pink with purse dogs in matching outfits.  Yikes!) to be able to hug her in person!  And ohhh, the hugs yesterday!  The positive energy is still so strong, I feel like I have fireworks exploding out of my aura!  No wonder I had such a tough time winding down and falling asleep last night (or, was it really this morning?).  And I woke up with kitties cuddled all around me and I know they respond to those high energy emissions.

Even Cinders came right up to me and threw herself against my legs when I went out to the garage.  Hailey was mewing from the rafters but wouldn’t come down.  Probably because she tried to come out for attention last night, but Cinders kept chasing her back behind the work bench!  She has definitely not learned to share skritches!  We’ll have to remedy that!  Hailey is such a sweet, pretty girl and needs her lovin’s too!

What’s especially amazing is that when I went to sleep (or was trying to) last night, I had all number of aches and pains from the hour’s worth of weeding I did, the standing and walking and dancing of yesterday and last night and just overall creaks and groans my body gives to remind me that I am, indeed, still alive and kicking.  There was one especially annoying one in my back.  I was visualizing some healing energy in the form of a green ball of light, when my visualization changed to a space ship shooting out bolts of light in that same healing green ( I didn’t have anything to drink yesterday, I swear!).  Although I tried to get back to the green ball to put it on that achy spot on my back, the spaceship persisted.  I ended up having a dream about putting a green ball of light on one of my friends who had an ailment or injury, but I woke up feeling absolutely fabulous!  (I think I’m overusing that word today, but I’m still feeling so happy and joyful after yesterday’s reunion).  I am also very blessed to spend time with some of the most amazing, talented, strong, beautiful women in the world!  The women who have been coming to these reunions inspire me.  Their positive energy alone could change the world (and frankly, it is  in ways which may or may not be apparent right now).  And even more inspiring is learning that some are actually reading these ramblings.  To those who are, thank you!  You don’t realize what a difference you make in my life and with the lofty goals I’ve set for myself this year! 

It makes me wish I could find a way to harness all of the positive energy that I’m feeling through this blog, put it into a ball of light and send it to some of the places where conditions are poor and the energy around them could benefit from a boost.  I know that it would give their healing process a huge push in the right direction!  In various inspirational groups I’ve linked to on Facebook, I see many versions of doing exactly that.  The Secret talks about sending lots of gratitude up to the Universe.  Fearless Women speaks continually of exuding that positive energy and allowing it to carry you, to aid you in reaching for the stars.  And so many others just suggest sending the love and light out to different places in need.  I have to believe that the positive thoughts and energy we have been sending to places hit by natural disasters has made a difference.  I know that after the BP oil spill in the gulf, I kept visualizing clear, safe waters, and finally, the oil cleanup shows some progress.  I’ve really taken to heart something I read years ago.  If you put your energy into fighting something, it only makes it stronger, but if you put your energy into healing, into seeing something as already healed and beautiful, it will shrink away to nothing.  Thus, instead of putting my thoughts for friends with cancer into fighting the dreaded disease, I send healing energy and visualize them disease free.  Instead of fighting hate or poverty, I envision a world much like the reunion yesterday, where everyone is loving and friendly and caring and has no need or desire to judge anyone else.  We all have everything we need and much of what we want as well.  That may sound very Pollyanna of me, but if I believe that it is working, can it really help but do exactly as I believe?  The power of thought is without limits.  How else could some of our inventions have gotten off the ground?  Someone believed in what they were doing, and voila!  It was! 

So here is my challenge for today.  Anyone who reads this, please take a minute to envision a world of peace and health where we all treat everyone we meet with kindness.  We treat our Mother, Earth with kindness as well, giving back if we take from her, showing gratitude for the gifts of her resources and disposing of pollutants properly so as not to cause her further damage.  Send kind thoughts to the tyrants and dictators who oppress others and love and kindness to those who are oppressed.  Send thoughts of plenty to those in need, and thoughts of sharing to those who have more than they need. 

In love and light.