While enjoying another wonderful night of dancing with a group of the most positive and inspiring people around, we, once again, got into a discussion about gratitude and keeping our thoughts positive.  One fellow used as an example the song that was playing for two step.  He said that he could say “that’s a terrible song.  Why would the DJ play such a thing.  It’s just a terrible two step!”  Or, he could say “that’s not much of a two step, but it made for a fun song to just be silly to” (which, of course, is what he did!)  I could say that the set of line dances that only included two that I either wanted or could do was disappointing, or, as it happens, I appreciated it because I was able to dance later than normal and saved my still healing tendon for a couple of dances I really love which were played later in the evening (plus they allowed for the excess of potty breaks I seem to be needing lately, along with the gallons of water I’m consuming!  I know, TMI!).  It’s all in how you look at things.  And, by the same token, if you look at things as always disappointing, guess what?  You’ll always attract things that disappoint you.  But if you look at everything as something which brings you joy, what else could you possibly attract but things that bring you joy? 

I know I was a bit off, and more than a little cranky for a couple of days, but today I realized that a lot of the questions I was raising in my first draft of my book have now been answered, and with them, maybe a block I was having as to where to go next.  I had been pondering the subject of how my relatives seemed to have disappeared from my life after my dad died, although, in hindsight, I could have made more effort to keep in touch too.  But now that I know a few more things, I realize that, in the long run, they did me a favor.  While they hashed and rehashed the details of both deaths, I was left to my own devices which, in time, included allowing myself to not only let go, but to accept and forgive.  Had I been spending a lot of time with family members, I would, clearly, have been subjected to this hashing and rehashing which is definitely a downward spiral of negative thoughts and I wouldn’t have learned the lessons which have been my gifts over the last few years. 

Thus, I am grateful that my relatives did not make an effort to keep me in their fold as it allowed me to grow and to thrive and to become something that would have been stifled and thwarted in their presence.  I may not be a person they want to know now, but I am a strong and positive person and am happy in my own skin.  I know that my purpose in life is not to please others, but to please myself and, in so doing, I bring more love and light into the world, and whoever it touches will benefit, just as I am blessed by the positivity and strength and love I feel from the people I attract these days.  Their light makes me stronger, and allows my light to burn ever more brightly, giving strength to others and so on it goes.  As I know I’ve postulated before, if we all spent even a few minutes a day exuding love, light and positive thoughts, we could change the world in a very short time!  Darkness and hate cannot survive in a world filled with love and light. 

During our conversation, one lady mentioned that she couldn’t be in the presence of a negative person for very long.  My response was that negative people resonate at a different frequency from positive people, and that that frequency is uncomfortable at best for positive people.  Conversely, a positive person will make a negative person uncomfortable for the same reason.  It’s almost as if we’re singing the same song, but in a different and discordant key.  It is our nature as humans to want to be in harmony with our surroundings.  And those of us who hold to the positive thoughts as much as possible (face it, we all have our moments!) will be, achieve and acquire all that we envision, because as we think and believe, so shall it be! 

So right now, I am envisioning a productive but calm July while my Staff Accountant is in India, and I am envisioning a smooth and minimally invasive remodel, followed by an even better rate on my refinance than I was initially promised when I started down that path last month.  I am seeing Mathom and Neko reunited and a continued improvement to my health and wellness.  My body wants and needs to return to its natural state of good health and is proceeding along that path even as I type.  All things in my life will right themselves in time.

I am also envisioning my completed book sitting on the shelves of bookstores across the country.  I envision book tours and speaking tours in which I will achieve my heart’s desire of helping others find their joy, in spite of, or maybe because of having lived through a traumatic event and come out on the other side, even greater than whole.  And I am envisioning continuing to write and publish books, both fiction and self-help, for the many years I have remaining in this human form, as this is my soul purpose. 

Last but not least, I’m envisioning many, many years of pursuing a passion that I’ve had most of my life, and that is to dance, to express myself and my joy as I “Sing like I don’t need the money, love like I’ll never get hurt and dance like nobody’s watching because its gotta come from the heart if you want it to work”. 

Love and light