Whooooeeee!  What a week this has been!  Work has been crazy to the point that I remember lunch hours fondly.  I’m looking forward to having all staff members back next week so at least I can focus only on my work, which has been piling up all week as I wade through all aspects of the proposal process and am reminded of all the things we need to focus on when we’re the Prime.  So much information has been received either last minute, or changed at the last minute, but at least we seem to have a better handle on our part of the process, and those of us who are actually crunching the numbers and writing the words have earned quite a bit more credibility these days so we’re not being grilled any more.  (frankly, it’s better than frying, but still!) 

In betwixt and between it all, I’ve managed to get the loan process started, have one estimate that’s even worth considering, (although he’s going to have to explain the larger chunks and sharpen his pencil if he really wants the work) and am waiting on another.  No slowing down for the weekend either.  I need to do some serious weeding, laundry and grocery shopping, plus get the papers together for the lender, attend the latest reunion and help with adoptions.  Guess sleep will take a back seat!  And don’t even ask about my book!  Last time I wrote anything was last Sunday, and it looks pretty grim for this weekend!  Maybe Monday night if I get as far as I need to on the weeding, otherwise, Monday will be a weeding night too!  Heather and Mathom have really been amazing.  They’re taking down the brick wall, cleaning out the garage where more rat issues have been found and helping with Hailey and Cinders.  I did manage to get everyone de-flead on my own last weekend, except Patches who was kind enough to be on the bed so I could hold her down for Heather.  And the kids are also working on getting some of the larger trash items from the back yard removed.  Heather scheduled the appraiser to fit into her schedule so I don’t have to try to juggle getting home to meet him, as I don’t expect my weeks to get any milder for awhile.  Just found out that we have serious expectations of about 5 proposals in the next few weeks.  Guess a cot in my office would be a good idea, or I need to just get up and start working from here!  Dylan would prefer the latter, I think, especially since I did some serious cleanup in my office and there are lots more places for him to stretch out now! 

Cinders is now microchipped and is settling in quite well.  She used Heather and me to the full extent of our skritching fingers this evening.  Hailey popped her head out, but is still quite shy.   Hopefully, when she sees that Cinders finds us acceptable, she’ll come around. 

Tomorrow should be a blast as Candy is coming down from waaaaaaaaaaaay up north for the reunion.  I’m hoping Joleen will be there too as it will significantly increase the number from my graduating class.  Can’t forget Rosemary who’s promised to be there this time, even if she has to bring her cane!  Must remember the camera so I can take lots of pictures this time!  What fun!  And of course the regulars will be there again for more hugs and chats!  I’m looking forward to seeing so many, too many to list, but know that they’re all in my thoughts tonight. 

Heather let the cats out into the back yard today and the resident mockingbirds were NOT amused!  Dylan wanted one of those birds so badly he could taste it, but sadly, he’s just too well fed!  I’m sure that when we let Cinders and Hailey out of the garage, they’ll give those feather dusters a run for their money though.

But I’ve rambled on enough and should try to get at least a little sleep before charging off into the fray once again!

Love and light.