As I was meditating at lunchtime today, I happened on the concept of achieving our bliss as we strive to live a life of joy (perhaps this tack was partially fueled by the Ambient music I found on Pandora which took me to a very peaceful place).  It occurs to me that like any other goal, there has to be something beyond the level of bliss we currently seek or we wouldn’t have any more goals when we got there, and that just doesn’t seem right!  So I started envisioning different levels of bliss instead of just the “reach for the stars” “go all the way” kind which, like any other goal we set for ourselves, would be well nigh impossible to achieve in one leap.  What if there were, indeed, a series of levels we could attain, though we can only see the one to which we’re working right now, but once we’re nearly there, we see that there’s another level beyond the one we’re working towards so that, like our other goals, we actually move the bar before we actually get there so that when we attain what I’ll call “level 1 bliss”, we have already set our next goal in motion, although surely we’ll stop for a moment to congratulate ourselves for attaining a goal.  In this manner, we wouldn’t get discouraged because it was so hard to achieve full and complete bliss, yet we’d continue have something to look forward to once we climbed the next step on the ladder.  From this viewpoint, I can see a veritable bliss continuum which might culminate at a  point far beyond anything Humanly imagineable.  It might also give us some insight into why our souls, our Spiritual selves, keep coming back into human, or maybe even animal form, continuing to learn, continuing to set ourselves new lessons over which to gain mastery.  Until we’ve mastered ALL of the lessons, we can only go so far on the bliss continuum, and for each set of lessons we learn, we go up another rung. 

This process could also be compared to our maturing process.  When we’re young, we’re easily impressed because we know so little.  But we’re also easily frustrated because we know so little.  As we grow older and gain more knowledge and experience, our frustration may move outward as we get annoyed with others who don’t seem to get it, or who are just rude, or who impede our progress.  As we continue to learn and grow, we learn something really amazing, called “patience”.  With this patience we have come to understand that people learn at different rates and in different directions.  Some learn to be caring and compassionate, others to be creative, and still others, to simply lead.  Excelling in one area doesn’t exclude the others, but it will certainly make someone less proficient in the areas outside of their area of expertise.  So many of us, in our earlier human years, are in a rush to reach our goals and we want it all now.  But the truth is, we really have no clue as to what “all” is.  We’re looking at our immediate goals and can’t see what’s beyond them until we get closer.  And upon reaching a point where we can see beyond the initial goals, we realize that there is so much more that we can strive for.  Another mountain to climb, another cause to champion, another great work of art to create, another ill to heal.  And if we’re truly going in the right direction for ourselves, each achievement gives us another level of joy, of Bliss.

Which of course prompts the question:  What happens when our Spiritual self achieves Ultimate Bliss?  Or, even more importantly, CAN our Spiritual self ever achieve Ultimate Bliss, or will there always be another mountain to climb?

Happy pondering.

Love and light.