Wow!  It’s amazing what a few hours in a quiet house will do for me.  I wrote nearly 3000 words yesterday in about 4 hours, and a good part of that will, I believe, be the last chapter.  I can’t control how it’s coming out, and I have a feeling a bunch of what I’ve written will end up in the waste basket or, as they say in the biz, on the cutting room floor, but the words are coming out and the healing is happening, so it’s all good.  I had a vision today of printing the whole thing out, then cutting out pieces and sticking them together in a different order until I got what I wanted.  Once it was organized, I’d go back in and cut and paste in the actual document.  That drafting table Les built in the room in the garage might just come in handy for this little effort.  My dining room table isn’t nearly big enough to handle it all.  Although, I may be able to cut it all up, then sort it into piles of related material.  Yikes!  I think the editing is going to be tougher than the writing.  I know that I’ve gone back to topics I covered in previous writing binges, so I’m going to have to find a way to pull it together.  At the moment, it more closely resembles a bunch of rambling as I ponder things and have mini revelations.  Maybe I should call it “the book of Aha’s”? 🙂    One thing is clear, however.  I need to start taking better advantage of the hours that Heather and Mathom are occupied elsewhere so I can get the initial writing done and move on to the editing and re-writing.  I have found, though, that doing some blogging before I hit the book, as it were, seems to open the floodgates for my creative juices.  I’m now at about 15,000 words.  I was thinking that I needed about 25,000 minimum, but I’m now wondering if I should keep going as I anticipate cutting so much. (although, what do I really know for sure?   All of the little tidbits I jotted down before I started writing have ended up in the book in one form or another, often without even referring back to them.  They just flowed right in!)  Also, I’m going to have to find a way to keep going while the remodel is taking place.  Maybe I’ll find a cozy corner in a library somewhere and use my trusty laptop that saw such a tremendous start to this tome while I was in Sedona.  My patio will soon be nonexistent as the building starts, but there’s so much packing up to do first.  And I still need to go through my closets and get rid of more stuff.  I know that, at some point, we’re going to have to rent the pod and start moving stuff into it so we can make room for the work to be done, especially if Heather is ready to start tearing down the rest of the brick.  I do plan on doing some of the decluttering once the dumpster is in place, but I need to do a lot of it beforehand too.  We need to get things as clear as we can now so we won’t be scrambling once they’re ready to work on the existing part of the house.  I don’t know how long it will take to frame and enclose the new part, but I don’t want to hold anything up.  I think I’ll have at least 30 days before they can start and that clock starts ticking after the plans are drawn, so there’s time, but if I keep telling myself I have time, I’ll put off all that I need to do and then it’ll be the scramble I’m trying to prevent.

Just so many things going on right now, and it’s going to get crazier before it gets calmer.  But I’m envisioning that extra room, and the improvements and getting very, very excited!  The kitchen alone is making me drool, and when I imagine my very own, private bathroom, I am positively salivating!  And then!!!  There’s the closet space!!! Holy moly!  It’ll be like a mansion when we’re done as far as I’m concerned!  Although, to hear Heather talk, she and Mathom will be in their own place soon after the remodel is done.  Seems pretty silly to me when I’ll have all of that extra room, but she’s going to do what she wants regardless of what I think so I’m just going to let her talk until she does whatever she’s going to do.  It will certainly be weird, having all that space for me and the kitties, but life has a way of making things interesting, regardless of the circumstances, so I’ll just take it as it comes.  Maybe Toby will consider giving me back my spot on the bed!

And so the day comes quietly to an end.  Laundry is drying, trash is out, and in an hour or so, I’ll lay my head down, hopefully without having to argue with Toby over who sleeps where!

Love and light.