Tonight after cleaning cat cages and getting everything into the trash for tomorrow’s pickup (the usual, sandboxes, trash compactor and waste basket routine accomplished while doing my best to avoid tripping over cats, unsuccessfully, I might add as Loki got her paw stepped on!) I pulled out a stack of old magazines to see if I could find any interesting kitchens.  What I ended up with was some knobs and a couple of hanging fixtures I kind of liked.   But I also found that Home Depot has a free design service, assuming you know the dimensions of your space, which, at the moment, I do not.  However, none of the layouts they showed were really for an open floor plan, so I may have to go back to Plan A.  But I can see right now that I could use some professional design help as there are just too many things to consider, and I want it to look nice, not stupid!  And the hickory looks really cool, but will it really fit the rest of the things I like?  Everything else seems to point to maple as I’m tired of oak and cherry is just too dark.  I really need a good feel for what my choices are and what the difference in price is from one to another.  (ahhh, it’s 11:11 again.  How fitting!)  Then it comes down to what I want the cupboard doors to look like, and with everything I see being painted white, I’m getting frustrated.  Some of the ones I saw recommended painting the cabinets and walls the same color so they blend in and allow the open, living area to stand out.  I’m not sure that’s for me.  Then I think, maybe I’ll go with a southwest look, but I am not really that excited about a bunch of terra cotta.  I think I want blue countertops to offset my red appliances, but maybe green or even something more light and neutral would be better.  Maybe I’ll go over to Home Depot and put a red appliance on the countertops of the mock kitchens they have and see what I think.  The hardest part is that I just don’t visualize things well.  I need to actually see what it would look like.  Like, I think the round wooden knobs are cute, but would they work with what I’ll ultimately select? 

Ah well.  I don’t have to actually decide right now.  I just need to consider options.

Meanwhile, I called the doctor because the pain in my right leg has been pretty bad.  I told the receptionist that I believe it was attributable to the antibiotic.  She told me the doctor said that’s not possible.  Clearly she doesn’t read the documentation that is passed out with the prescription by the pharmacy.  At any rate, I stopped taking the Levaquin and my leg seems to be hurting slightly less, but the pain is definitely still there.  I also iced it again tonight, so that may be part of the reduced pain, but the real proof will be if I can get  to sleep tonight without going through a variety of positions and rooms to get there!  I can definitely see the frustration Michele and others have experienced in getting doctors to listen and read! 

Ultimately, this will all be resolved, I will be pain free and rash free and life will go on.  I will also get back to my writing on the book.  And all will be well.  Tonight was so hectic and I didn’t even sit down to eat some dinner until almost 8:00. tomorrow, I can come straight home, I don’t have to clean cages or do trash, and Heather won’t be home until after 9.  Sounds like a perfect time to get some writing in if you ask me! 

But now, I have several kitties who are curious as to why I’m still sitting at the computer instead of curling up in bed paying attention to them.

Love and light.