So, I decided  on my contractor today, and then he hands me a bunch of brochures and catalogs and tells me that now I get to start choosing what I want things to look like.  Did I have any idea there would be so many choices?  And if I choose wrong, I have to live with it, like, forever!  Such pressure!  The only thing I’ve decided on is blue countertops for the kitchen.  But then there was this really pretty green.  Oh no!  And then there’s the wood for the cabinets, and after the wood, it’s the finish, and after the finish it’s what I want the doors to look like!  Holy mackeral!  Do I really know what I’m getting into here???  And that doesn’t even begin to address the bathrooms or, heaven forbid, the shelves in my walk in closet!  And what about knobs and fixtures and lighting and, and, and……  I think I’m going to need some guidance here!  Or maybe I’ll just go to a home improvement store and look at some samples of kitchens and baths?  Or maybe…Ugh!!!  All this for a little more space!  Oy!  I’m so ferklempt!

Meanwhile, I’m working hard on kitty rescue and my own crew and work and getting rid of this infection which is finally starting to look better, but now the tendons in my legs are hurting, and I’m beginning to suspect the Levaquin, but I need to get rid of the infection rather than spending even an hour in the hospital, so here I sit between the proverbial rock and the hard place, and it’s starting to interfere with my dancing which is NOT TO BE ALLOWED!!!  So I’m icing and doing squats and refusing to slow down in hopes that keeping the darn things lubricated and stretched will alleviate the pain and keep the symptoms at bay.  Fortunately, squats are getting easier, so that’s a good thing, right?  Because Aleve is doing absolutely nothing for the pain and that’s really not a good thing.  In the immortal words of Scarlet O’Hara, “Ah’ll just think about this tomorrow. and Piffle!”

Kitties are doing well and we got a couple more adopted this weekend.  We have so many adorable babies that I don’t see how anyone can resist.  Erik and Raoul, our orange tabby brothers, are just a riot as they wrestle with each other.  And 3 of the teenagers from the hoarder were there today.  The Maine Coon is a real talker and a sweetheart.  The lynx point siamese seems to be totally connected to the Turkish Van whose face and head he kept washing until he was all soggy.  And Max and Jackson have become little purrballs!  Won’t be long before they find homes!

Heather is off to another late night shift in BF Egypt tonight.  This time, they’re sending her to Rosamond!  In fact, they scheduled her there 3 times this week!  Don’t they realize they’ll be paying her for possibly 3 hours drive time each way??  That’s a pretty penny for her but she has to wait for the next paycheck to get the money back for gas, and longer if the next one is this week!  Oh, well.  At least Mathom is going with her so he can drive back after she’s worked all night!  I feel much better about that! 

Maybe tomorrow night I can actually get back to working on my book.  It’s been since the long weekend and I really need to get back to it!  Even finding time to blog is getting tougher, but I am determined to keep this up!  And I’m determined to finish the first draft of my book very soon!  So a-writing I will go!

Love and light.