In my dreams, I am a published author,

In my dreams, someone sees something I’ve written and asks me to write an article for their publication.

In my dreams I get to write all day or have speaking engagements, but never, ever have to get up early to go work in someone else’s office.

In my dreams, I can eat whatever I want, never exercise and be perfectly healthy and fit.

But of course, I wake up and what do I find?

My book is only half done (but getting there!)

I read about people having articles published, and know that it was the result of hard work and learning the rules of the game.  I remember the book on article submission I ordered months ago, that is still sitting on my sofa in the original packaging!

I make time to write every day, at least in my blog, despite having to get up early and go work in someone’s office to pay the bills.

I make healthy meals for myself, dance several times a week and go to the gym…and I feel much better for having made the effort.  That is not to say that I don’t eat some unhealthy things too, but I’m finding the balance.

I’ve learned, especially over the last year, to set myself manageable goals: goals that can be achieved and set as habits within 30 days.  I’ve also learned that the small goals can be stacked together to create larger ones.  Just as we climb a mountain one step at a time, so, too, can we achieve our goals, our dreams by taking one step after the other.

My next step is to unwrap that book and read it because, if I really want to get an article published, I need to take the right steps.  Sitting in a coffee shop, waiting to be discovered, went out with black and white movies.  With this age of information overload, writers are a dime a dozen, so standing out is something you have to do yourself.

I’ve been resting on my laurels a bit, praising myself for taking my blog from 1200 pageviews to over 8500 in the last few months, but while that is an amazing accomplishment for me, in the general scheme of things, it is hardly the readership I would want from something that was actually published!  It’s time to start thinking bigger, grander, broader and most of all, outside of my self-imposed box!

I’ve learned by writing this blog that the life lessons I’ve learned are not unique to me.  Other people read about what I’ve learned, and occasionally have an “aha” moment too.  So why am I being so stingy about limiting who I share them with? 

I’ve been reading various posts regarding the best sites for blogs and from what I’m hearing, I could do better.  There seem to be a lot of bells and whistles I don’t take advantage of right now, and I’ve seen sites which have multiple pages including more than one blog.  It might be time for me to do some research into those alternative sites and start that second blog to which I’ve been giving lip service.

I’ve also seen something about a contest being put on by Hay House.  Perhaps it’s time for me to look into that as well.

My dreams are telling me that what I’ve been doing is great, but it’s time for more!  More writing.  More exposure.  More dedication.  And the ultimate more…Commitment!

Becoming a published author is my dream, but sitting here dreaming won’t make it a reality.  What will make it a reality will be finishing and submitting my book.  It will be finding opportunities for articles and making them happen.

I read a lot about people getting paid for articles and stories, but I really have to say that, for now, it isn’t about the money.  It’s about realizing the dream.  If a little cash comes with the deal, I won’t complain, but it’s my name in print that is the prize.

So, I opened the book and read the first few pages.  I plan on working on my book over the next couple of days and putting some time into researching other blog/websites.

Thanks to the UBC and all of the talented people who are joining the ranks, I have lots of inspiration and many sources of information as well.  None of this has happened by chance.  I put the idea out and the tools have come to me.  What to do with those tools, though, is still in my hands!    Guess I’ll be building a new me!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful that, though a couple of friends were hurt in the fireworks accident here in town tonight, nobody was seriously injured, and at least one child was spared, thanks to the quick thinking of the adults who accompanied him.
2. I am grateful for tools I’ve been given to help make my dream a reality.
3. I am grateful for all of the wise, experienced, helpful individuals with whom I’ve been connected.
4. I am grateful for the inspiration which continues to bring me ideas about which I write.
5. I am grateful for imagination.  Without it, life would be really boring and flat!

Love and light