I posted a couple of things on my status on Facebook the last couple of days in which I reiterated my desire to keep positive posts on my wall, including those posted by others.  But what really hit me today was that although I subscribe to a number of pages which post something positive and inspirational every day, I’m even more inspired by the people on my friends list than by those written or shared by people I don’t know.

There is one woman, in particular, who can awe me with her amazing outlook.  Everything she posts is amazing and positive and so much more powerful because of how heartfelt they are.  I found myself thinking today that, from the viewpoint of an outsider like me (I don’t know her very well), it looks like she has had the perfect life since birth.  She is married to a man who clearly loves her deeply, has wonderful, smart, talented children and a life full of friends and family.  Her home is beautiful, and often filled with family and friends enjoying each others company as well as her hospitality.  But what I realize is that her life has, I’m sure, had its share of challenges.  What differs is how she looks at and reacts to those challenges.  In short, if her life is, indeed, perfect, it is because she made it so by her attitude.  Even when her husband was ill, what I saw was that he was still feeling crummy, but was on the mend.  Clearly, her glass is always half (or maybe even three quarters) full. 

All of the people who are selling their books and videos and seminars about finding joy, attracting your soulmate or your perfect life could really take a page or three out of her book.  She teaches all of these things by example, with no expectation of compensation.  She is Joy and everyone fortunate enough to touch her life in any way, however small, will come away better for the experience.

Although I mention one person in particular here, there are many who inspire me and bring a smile to my face with their posts.  Many make me think about how I’m living my life and give me ideas for improving myself.  Many who touch my life and make me not only richer for the experience, but also better.  I am so blessed to have such inspirational people in my life to remind me of what’s truly important.

And this is what I want for myself.  That everyone whose life touches mine will come away a little richer for the experience. 

Love and light.