A busy body means a slow mind.

My body had a very busy day today, visiting the local animal shelter, having dinner and seeing a movie with the kids and otherwise just staying on the move from the time I got up. OK, so the hour was later than usual thanks to trying to get my brain in gear for last night’s blog. Busy is busy.

Though nothing I planned to do today was accomplished, I still consider it a successful day. {reaching down to wiggle my fingers for the newest addition to the family} A young gentleman who has tentatively been named “Pywacket” joined my brood today, followed next week by another fellow who has yet to be named, but who’d had a very rough time, and tugged my heartstrings so hard I decided he must come home too. I’m sure you know the look an animal can give you that says “I really need you to love me because I have bounced around a lot in my short, little life and had health issues which, thankfully, the nice people here took care of. But I know that you are the only one who can love me the way I need to be loved now!”

OK, I admit it. I’m a sucker for a meow story. The truth is, more often than not, I get along better with animals than people. They’re very honest, they don’t play games and they don’t judge. Mine keep me company, talk to me, wait up for me and snuggle me to sleep every night. Who could ask for more?

At times, I do wonder if I’ve become rather anti-social with humans because they usually fail to live up to the love and acceptance a pet offers. And yes, I’m one of those people who can talk about my cats at length, though I can do the same with regard to my daughter and son-in-law! There are a few humans who live up to my cats’ standards, after all!

As I take a moment to save what I’ve written so far, I take a precaution I learned right away, and copy the text before I save. For some reason, WordPress likes to lose things while it saves in draft mode, don’t ask me why! But I know that in time, I’ll master its idiosyncrasies and be whipping out copy like a pro! In the meantime, I’ve learned to copy the text to a word doc just in case, and have done the same with my formatting so I don’t have to look it up or type it all out again every time. Maybe in a few months I’ll be able to write a blog entitled “Making WordPress work for you!”. (at least I’d have a topic, right?)

As I spent a lot of time waiting today, I found myself thinking about how I’d accomplished very little, writing wise, over the last week (again). As my thoughts wandered, I realized that, once again, I’d gone off on another tangent, this time, Tarot related. Yet, I have to believe that all of the directions I keep taking, seemingly away from my writing, are really just side roads which will ultimately lead me back to where I belong, with a little more material to work with. In other words, every life experience is a potential story!

I fear, at this point, that I’m well on the way to becoming one of those people who constantly stops to jot something down which may, someday, be worthy of a part in one of the products of the fantasy world which, oftentimes, is more real to me than the world in which my physical self resides. How often has it been said that reality is weirder than anything we could dream up? So the best fantasy surely stems from a reality someone has, somewhere!

In my younger days, that reality was really dark and twisty, as exhibited by some of my early prose. OK, you talked me into it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Although it wasn’t all this gloomy, here’s a sample of my early attempts at poetry (which is probably why I no longer dare to butcher the art!)

    The Day the World Went Out…to Stay

Sky blue pink and azure orange
An olive sky and crimson grass
Mother Nature sent her children out to play
They came back…dead.

I know, I know! Don’t ever share another piece if that’s an example of what came from your pen so long ago! To be honest, most of my writing in jr. high and high school (which is where this one originated) was either very creepy, morbid like this one, or the sappy prose of a lovesick or longing to be loved, teenager.

C’mon! Admit it! On some level, you can relate!

Anyone over the age of 20 can certainly relate to that crazy, confused time when we were teenagers, acting confident but filled with jelly on the inside. I’ll wager that even the popular kids had moments of terror over something or other! I’ll bet they weren’t always confident and sometimes had to hide behind a carefully constructed facade just like the rest of us. It was a right of passage we all experienced, and one which helped us to become the people we are today. I like to think that I learned compassion from those awkward teenage years, even if it took me a few decades to put it all together!

Thankfully, I wrote quite a few stories in those days as well, and who knows? One of them might actually lend itself to a best-seller one of these days! If only I’d had the sense to use blue or black ink instead of my favored pink, red and turquoise! Between the cramped scrawl and the brightly colored ink, it is making me go cross-eyed! I think a good project would be for me to, at some point, type them all up. Among the pieces of granite and limestone, I might find an emerald or two!

But the ADHD queen must put an end to tonight’s nonsense and bid the world good night! There’s much to do tomorrow, and never enough hours to fit it all in! (and my kitchen is set to be taken over by the baking queen!)

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful that I saw the posting for free adoptions at the shelter today. I know my two new boys will be a wonderful addition to the family…once everyone stops hissing!
2. I am grateful for the arrival of my kids. It will be a busy week, but one filled with love and laughter.
3. I am grateful for my readers who may be having trouble finding me at the moment, but are slowly coming back. I’m also grateful for the new ones who are finding me now.
4. I am grateful for progress, even if it takes me down a different road than I’d planned.
5. I am grateful for abundance in love, laughter, harmony, joy, health and prosperity.

Love and light