And I’m still waiting, but it gives me more time to pack stuff up so it can be moved out of the way quickly when the deluge of activity begins.  Did you know that the local office supplies no longer carry packing boxes in bulk?  We have really become an online shopping society where many of the things we want and need have to be ordered instead of just picked up locally.  It’s not that it takes long for things to arrive, often only a day or two, but more and more often, ordering is your only option now.  I do like the idea of getting presents all the time, even if I’m sending them to myself, but what if I really needed something Now!?  Would I have to settle for something less appropriate?  Are the merchants forcing us to become a “plan ahead or make do” society?  Are we feeding their need for more profits and smaller staffs?  Where will it end?  And have we been the real cause?  Have we caused the demise of our own convenience?  This is the stuff of scary science fiction shows where children are taken from their parents by alien forces and made into slaves.  (oh wait, that’s already been done!) 

On the other hand, if we just order online and wait for delivery, doesn’t that mean more time for our kids and pets?  Will they be the unwitting beneficiaries of our loss of convenience?  I know that Dylan wasn’t complaining as he lay on the sofa between me and Mathom tonight while we took turns stroking his soft, silky self and skritching his belly and chin.  Had I been out shopping for boxes and such, he would have been neglected.  Now that everyone is settled all snug and warm in their beds, I can do my shopping and know that I will have my items in a matter of days, and without neglecting my furry children to do it. 

So our modern shopping conveniences and inconveniences are definitely a double edged sword.  They help and they hinder, but when our need is to touch and smell and otherwise examine our potential purposes with senses other than our eyes, our options are becoming more and more limited!

What price progress?

Love and light.