Seems like that’s what I’ve been doing lately, is waiting for things I know are coming, but seem to be getting  delayed for one reason or another.  I suspect that, like the proposal that hit my desk this morning, they’re all going to start coming at once.  I need to start weeding through more stuff so I can clear out my bedroom, the living room and kitchen, among other places, when the contractors are ready to knock walls out and start working on the interior of the house.  Meanwhile, on the work front, meetings the next couple of days to address new issues and old, proposals and work flow.   And let’s not forget we’re coming to the end of another month and all that entails!  I really do need to book a couple of days off in August, but when???  I have some ideas, but isn’t it always the case that they coincide with other important events?  I’m almost tempted to just throw a dart at the calendar and go for whatever dates it hits!  I need to get out to the Fair to see Heather’s entries too!  She’s entered some of her chain mail jewelry, a photograph of Yosemite and her fudge will go in next week! 

But we did get four kittens adopted on Sunday and we have some really adorable babies right now!  How anyone can resist their pooty faces I’ll never know! 

I think my little darlings are sensing that their world is about to be turned, temporarily, upside down as they’ve been very clingy and snuggly lately.  I woke up early this morning with Munchkin plastered against my back, and no matter how many times I moved or got up, she was NOT moving from where she’d chosen to sleep.  Dylan has been plastering himself to my side when I’m sitting on the sofa, and Patches keeps coming out looking for attention and reassurance. 

With everything going on, my writing has really suffered.  Even this blog is hit or miss and I don’t like being so cavalier with my own responsibilities to myself.  This is one of those times when having 8 arms would be very helpful!  I could work on my writing, snuggle all of the kitties and get this house in order for disorder!  But as I am a mere mortal possessing the factory standard two arms, I’ll just muddle along until everything is done.  (seems like old times, eh?) 

Heather informed me that Hailey and Cinders are now leaving evidence of their hunting prowess.  Small parts of recently deceased rodents showed up in front of the workbench today.  I guess they ran out of room wherever they were stashing the parts!  I’m sure it won’t be long before their trophy cabinet includes a few bird feathers as well.  They are definitely working cats!  My garage is blissfully silent of teeny footsteps these days, and even the clunking and clanking of the girls getting past obstacles to reach their prey has ceased.  The area is clear!  Now we can start putting things away and fixing what the rats chewed through.  It even appears that they made what has clearly become a fatal attempt to share the girls’ food! 

And on the granddaughter front, Jenni and Sera joined us for dinner on Friday night after which the three of us walked around the mall, swinging Sera between us. Heather and Mathom had gone in search of apples.  Jenni is now inclined to let her daughter get to know her grandma, which works just fine for me, but I have to start remembering to take the camera wherever I go!  She’s growing up so fast, and is a perfect model for the baby clothes Jenni is designing and making.  I can’t believe she’s almost two!  We’ll be getting together next month to celebrate her birthday so I need to find her some fun birthday presents. 

All in all, life is good, and even, a great deal of the time, excellent!  I’m finding that I can have anything I want.

Love and light.