So here it is, Saturday again!  After a wonderful, and somewhat unexpected evening having dinner at Souplantation with my daughters (yes, both of them), Mathom and granddaughter, I wandered the mall with Jenni and Serenity who finally stopped being crabby when we stopped making her sit still and let her walk and swing between us.  Sometimes, sitting still while grownups talk is just not what a two-year-old (almost) wants to do!  She really is the cutest little doll baby, and, of course, I forgot to get pictures AGAIN!  and the dress she was wearing was a Jenni creation with a black bodice and a flame print skirt.  It was too adorable, and got more than one compliment from passers by.  On our walk, Serenity saw a black lab puppy and ran right up to it and started giving hugs and pats, much to the puppy’s delight, and the owners’ surprise.  She repeated this with a fluffy, poodle-like dog later on, to another owner’s surprise.  She just loves puppies and seems to understand when she can and cannot approach them and play just like a puppy would.  Jenni takes the puppy kisses and kissing in stride, knowing that it’s just all part of growing up.  Although she’s trying to feed Sera a healthy diet, and use a lot of green products, she knows, like I did, that kids need the chance to get dirty and contrary to popular belief, it helps their immune system.  I believe Jenni is starting to get past her belief that I’m evil, as she was completely non-combative last night, even when I started dancing TGIF in the middle of the mall (well, the song was on!  Could I really let it go by undanced???).  So people stared.  They also smiled!  Even a one person flash mob can create more smiles!  Who knew?  We talked about a number of things including Sera’s upcoming birthday and will actually spend this one, a little belatedly, but with her for the very first time!  I’m very happy to see signs of healing in our relationship.  We have a long way to go, but every journey starts with the first step, and Jenni is now taking the initiative to walk through the door I’ve left open.  Interestingly, she also said some things about Isaac last night which were almost verbatim what I told her two years ago, but she didn’t want to hear.  And to my credit, I just smile and nod and don’t comment.  There’s really no need as I don’t feel smug about it.  I’m just happy that she finally saw him for what he is. The fact is, there’s no more need for me to speak ill of Sera’s father than it is of Jenni’s.  They are who they choose to be, and both Jenni and I have made choices to protect our children as best we could. 

After dinner, we went to Border’s.  Although the sale wasn’t that great, the store was mobbed, hot and the line nearly an hour long to pay.  They also had really nasty music playing nearly as loud as it does in a bar.  We were glad to finally get out of there, but when I got home, I found it impossible to unwind.  The kids, on the other hand, had no problem at all, but Heather had to be at work at 6 AM, so that’s a good thing.  I tried playing a game on the computer, watching tv and finally, reading in bed which, coupled with a bunch of very snuggly furry children, did the trick after about an hour.  Unfortunately, coupled with another overcast morning, it meant that I slept until nearly 10!  Oh, well, it just means that the things I planned to do today get started a little later. 

And so, my weekend begins!

Love and light