Life is good!  Driving home tonight, I found myself wondering if I’d paid one of my credit card bills which is due on the 20th.  I was thinking today was the 21st, so if not, it would be late. As I was driving and traffic was basically moving, I couldn’t exactly pull out my checkbook and look, so it had to wait until I got home.  As soon as I pulled into the driveway, got me and my stuff out of the car and went inside, I hurried to my computer to pull up the excel spreadsheet where I keep track of my bills.  Sure enough, I hadn’t paid it yet, so I began to curse myself for incurring a late payment fee.  Having a conversation with my daughter, I realized that it was only the 20th, but figured that since it was already after 3PM, I was still too late.  Imagine my delight when I made my payment online, and the website told me that my payment had been received on July 20th!  Voila!  No late fee!  I am so jazzed that I remembered the day of instead of the day after and took care of it!  And even better, this particular company doesn’t have the ridiculous 3:00 PM cutoff.  As long as I do it before 12 MST, I’m gold!  Ooo, and I do love gold!  (as I typed “ooo” it reminded me that I typed it on my iPhone earlier, and the stupid thing corrected it to “pop”.  If I wanted to say “POP” I’d have typed it in the first place!)  OK, before I go into a mini rant about the iPhone and it’s spell check, I’m going to change the subject.

I’m sitting in the chiropractor’s office tonight, waiting my turn when a lady comes in, all a-flutter, complaining about how bad traffic was tonight and how she’s so stressed out and someone almost rear ended her, etc. etc.  She asks me if I had to take the freeway and was it bad (turns out we came from the same direction).  I told her it was no worse than normal, and was only congested for a couple of miles before it opened up.  She says “but doesn’t it bother you when it’s that bad?”  I tell her that I stopped letting traffic bother me awhile ago and that I focus instead on how fortunate I am to have such a pretty drive instead of the concrete and buildings in L.A.  After that, she stopped complaining and thanked me for helping her see things differently.  I love passing positivity on!  Just like a smile, it’s equally good for the giver and receiver, and just makes the world a happier place.  Now, if I can just find a way to pass that joyful feeling to the muscles in my back and get them to chill out and relax!  Enjoy the ride and stop being so tense!  I guess this falls under the heading “baby steps”. 🙂 

Meditations have been amazing lately.  I’m sure that the Ambient Radio station I have programmed into Pandora helps, but I’m just finding it easier to reach that “floaty” place where I stop feeling my body and just become Spirit.  I’ve also been experimenting with meditating before I eat lunch instead of after.  I think it works better, but some days, I just wait too long to eat and am starving so I have to eat, then meditate.  Not only does it put me in a calmer, gentler place, it lets my mind open up further to new possibilities.  I’m much less reactive even when someone comes in and starts talking to me in a way that would have caused me to react and ultimately cause a confrontation.  Now, I’m more likely to listen calmly, respond the same, and not allow other people to make me feel like I’m being attacked.  Just as it takes two people to make an argument, it takes an attacker and an attackee for a situation to degenerate into an attack.  If one party fails to fulfill their part of the equation, it just ends up being benign.  I don’t know, in the case I’m remembering, if the other person went away feeling cheated, but we didn’t end up getting angry with each other over something stupid, and that suits me fine! 

All in all, I’m really enjoying the me I’m becoming who no longer feels the need to just jump in with both feet, both barrels firing.  I am relaxed, happy and peaceful and know that I continue to attract my Joy and positive energy now. 

Love and light.