True to my vow to be more consistent with my writing, I’m starting a post for today despite the fact that I don’t think I really have much to say.

I seem to have hit roadblocks in several aspects of my life and know I just need to keep digging away at the rocks that have gotten in the way until my path is, once again, clear.  Although Heather and Mathom are ready to finish tearing down the brick wall, and, in fact, are putting things in motion, I have yet to see the plans for my house and the contractor is suddenly not answering my calls.  Although I know there’s a reasonable explanation, it does leave me without a clue as to when things will start, much less when they will end.  However, it does give me a little more time to pay down the line so I’ll have more to work with, and I’ve really been spending a lot less money over the last couple of months in preparation for the increased expenses and, ultimately, the increased house payment.  Granted, despite the added expenses I’ve already taken on with the new car, I’m not concerned about meeting my financial obligations.  I’m more concerned about moving the cats around as things progress.  I did, realize, however, that I shouldn’t have to squish everyone into the two small bedrooms because, if we plan this right, the living room and kitchen will be completed first so we can move in there, perhaps with cages for the cats for a short time while the bedrooms are being completed.  Of course, we will have to find a way to get to one of the bathrooms with a shower!  I’d hate to have to get up really early every day so I could go to the gym and shower, or else go late at night.  But it would get me there, and once there, I might as well work out, so, again, it wouldn’t be a bad thing!

Hitting the roadblocks is giving me a lot of time to think about how to work through things once the way is clear, and I think that as I do, I am coming up with some really workable solutions.  Just as it’s important to have some down time like I did last weekend, it’s also important to take the time to step back away from the craziness and think things through with a clear head.  It’s amazing how possibilities open up when you take time to get out of the “weeds” and up on top of a mountain where the view is unobstructed.

And so, from my vantage point part of the way up my mountain,

Love and light.