I’ve been really lazy about my writing, in all areas, for the past week or so.  My last blog was 7 days ago, my last ACIM lesson was a month and a half ago, and the last time I wrote anything in my book was over a week ago!  I’ve taken laziness to new heights, but accept that sometimes I just need to veg and regroup, so that’s what I’ve done for the last couple of weeks.  I trust it has not been for naught, and that I will emerge full of brilliant ideas, flowing prose and amazing productiveness.  It didn’t hurt that most of Saturday was spent in self pampering.  Nails, Massage and Pedicure were the order of the day, leaving me too limp and relaxed to even go dancing Saturday night.  And that, too, is ok.  My knee is much better, but a few days off might just do it some good. 

Meanwhile, back at the zoo, Heather turned her back on the open cage where she and Mathom were keeping the mice for his snake for a few seconds, but plenty of time for Mr. Dylan to reach his paw into the cage and snag himself a mousie.  Not only did he snag it, but he proceeded to torture the poor thing, only to have Toby try to join the fun.  For the first time that I am aware of, Mr. Dylan…Hissed!  The cat who earned the nickname “Mellow Yellow” from the time he became part of the family actually acted aggressively for the very first time!  He was not inclined to share his toy with anyone, not even his favorite brother and grooming companion!  Not wanting to have me find mouse guts in the house, and since the mouse had grown too big for his snake to handle (read, swallow whole), Mathom somewhat kindly removed the mouse to our “barn cats'” clutches where it met a quick and more merciful end than it was experiencing at Dylan’s paws.  I have to say that I’m not overly thrilled with the idea of having live food brought into the house for the snake or any other animal residing under my roof,  but I’m happier of their end is somewhat quick and merciful and occurs out of my sight.  Dylan clearly thinks he needs to play with his food for awhile, as is evidenced by the amount that ends up on my kitchen floor as he digs his way to the bottom of the food bowl to make sure he’s getting the pieces he likes best! 

At any rate, even if I babble as I have tonight, I vow to be more diligent about keeping this blog going on a regular basis from now on, at least until the next bout of down time enforces itself upon my unsuspecting self.

Love and light.