Today, things are moseying along, kind of slow, but with a feeling of waiting in the air.  It’s as if all of those things that will need to be done yesterday are standing in line, waiting for more of their kind to arrive before rushing in, hell bent for leather, shouting:  “Me!  Me!  Me!  Pick me first!  No, Me!!!”

The Powers that Be are trying to lull me into a false sense of security with claims of: “Hey, why rush?  It’s the lazy days of summer.  Don’t worry, be happy!  It can all be done manana!  Relax.  Take a load off!  Tomorrow will get here soon enough!”

But I’ve learned to be wary of those little gremlins!  The minute I take their advice, put my feet up and get comfortable, WHAM!!!!    I’m knocked buckle over bootstraps!

As I’ve mentioned before, I truly believe I am the Universe’s personal purveyor of comic relief and said entity takes great pleasure in having a laugh or two at my expense!  This is one of those days when I know a real gut buster is coming, but the where or why is currently up for grabs, making me especially susceptible to the warped sense of timing the Universe prides itself on employing.  That self-same Universe is doing its darndest to lull me into a false sense of security, as the day ended with the same eery calm. 

“But you will not lull me, you purveyor of head slaps!  I know you have something up your…er…sleeve ready to whack me in the back of the head the minute I drop my guard!  For once, I refuse to give you the satisfaction!”

I have all of my alarms set to engage at the merest hint of winds and my bug zapper is set on “stun”.  There may well be challenges ahead, but I have learned many lessons and won’t go into these, unprepared.  I have a well-stocked tool box gleaned from those many lessons and will not hesitate to make use of all of its contents!  I relish the challenges coming my way and look forward to their making me stronger, faster, better, smarter and more ready to face even greater ones once the dust clears from this batch.

Truth be told, the idea of a life without challenges and adventure is dreadfully dull and would have me begging for something interesting within hours!  I’m not a good person to leave bored for very long.  I’m highly prone to mischief if left with nothing to hold my attention.  Those gremlins may well be of my own making, just to keep things interesting until my next lesson arrives!

But the hour grows late and my chores for the evening are done.  I got some dancing in tonight and got to chat with several friends.  All in all, a good day spent! 

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful that I can share my bits of wisdom and whimsy to any who choose to click on the link and read my ramblings.
2. I am grateful that I know how to count (as I tried to put 3 after 1 just now) as it comes in rather handing in a job involving accounting.
3. I am grateful for my unique blend of friends.  They keep me laughing, thinking, figuring and analyzing, but never bored.
4. I am grateful for completed chores so I can rest easy.
5. I am grateful for my bevy of furry nursemaids who tell me when it’s time to go to bed and when it’s time to wake up, even though I rarely agree with the times they feel are best for these activities.

Love and light.