As has been my routine for some time now, I did a meditation during my lunch hour, using the Ambient Radio station I’ve found on Pandora as background.  At first, my mind did a repeat performance of last night’s nearly vain attempts to find sleep, and bounced all over the Universe, attracting thoughts which surely weren’t even mine!  Yet, I accepted the thoughts so I could let them go back from whence they came, focused on the music and, ultimately, found that peaceful, drifting place I often find when I meditate, and always find when I go for my monthly massage!  However, when I returned to full consciousness (assuming being aware of people and things around me truly is a state of full consciousness) I found myself wishing I could  just stay in that peaceful state for the rest of the day.  So I left the Ambient Music on instead of switching back to either one of my country station settings or the smooth jazz one.  The office sounds continued to drift around me, and in some cases, felt pretty discordant, but maybe a little less than normal as I moved along in a more peaceful and accepting space.

I maintained that pleasant, nothing can annoy me state through the end of the day, and even on the drive home when one of Thousand Oaks’ finest alternately rode my bumper and left about 10 cars worth of room before finally exiting the freeway, much to my relief.  Not that I could have done anything wrong as traffic was slow while he was behind me, and as soon as things opened up, he scooted into the next lane and took off, but there’s something about having a black and white on my tail that just inhibits the joy of an afternoon drive towards the mountains!

Home again to my latest “roommate” who is really pretty quiet and gives me plenty of space.  Between us, we got the trash done so Miss Heather can just relax when she gets off of work. 

Funny thing, though.  As I sat on the sofa watching a little TV, Toby decided to stand on my leg, and when he left, I had two perfect paw prints impressed into my skin, and an hour later, they’re still there!  That’s my big, furry boy! 

But just another quiet night of writing, reading, laundry and minor chores before bed.  I also need to put an outfit together for tomorrow’s day long meeting and staff dinner, not to mention charging my laptop which I have thought about, then forgotten at least 10 times since I got home!  I’d best pull it out now before I forget it completely!

Love and light.