It hardly seems like I’ve had two days off, but here we go, and in less than 2 hours, it will be Monday again, and the week ahead will be a busy one with meetings and more remodeling stuff and heaven only knows what other excitement is in store!

Adoptions today were disappointing, but there were a lot of lookie loos, so maybe we’ll hear from them over the next week.  We did have about 5 adoptions on Saturday including one of the gorgeous Maine Coon boys!  His brother is a bit sad without him, but I know he’ll find a home soon too, because he is a very sweet, loveable cat who just needs to find his person.

Saturday, I got another 2000 words written for my book, which I consider to be a good day’s work.  I just need to do this every week, so I’ll have something to edit before the end of the year! 

Dancing Saturday night was fantastic and I finally learned an older line dance I’ve been wanting to learn, although I need to spend some time cleaning it up.  I can’t wait until I have that big open space between my kitchen and living room to practice in!  The cats will be crazy trying to get underfoot, but we’ll find a way to make it work for all of us.  Putting the trees near the windows will help!  I have found, though, since my little run in with Levaquin, that by the time I think I’ve had enough, in a matter of a couple of hours, I find that I’ve actually overdone it, but it is taking more to reach that point now, and I’m not skipping as many line dances.  Saturday night, I danced most of the line dances, 3 couples dances and a mixer in the 3 hours or so I was there.  I did opt out of Chill Factor, one of my favorites, which was played just before I left as I suspected I’d already done too much, which was confirmed when I had to take two Aleve in order to get to sleep because my leg was hurting so much!  But still, it IS getting better because Aleve did nothing at all for the pain when it first started.  I’m very grateful for every sign of improvement I get, and I am planning on accepting an invitation or two to two step starting next week, even if it means I sit out more line dances.  It’s time to get back on that horse! 

All in all, I’m feeling very good about my book, my dancing, my healing and the week ahead!

Love and light.