I got up early today, didn’t walk into anything an poured myself a normal sized cup of coffee.

To most people, the above statement wouldn’t generate more than a “So?”, but for those of us blessed with the klutz gene,  who almost daily find new mystery bruises on their body, who for no particular reason find themselves continuing to pour coffee, despite the fact that the cup is overflowing onto the counter, this is a banner day!

Yes, I have always been a klutz.  At her wit’s end over my inability to cross a room without tripping or crashing into something, my mother enrolled me in a dance class at the age of 5.   Unbeknownst to her, the traits which drove her to distraction were so deeply ingrained in me, that no amount of instruction in grace and poise would ever change the fact that I’m a klutz.  Instead, she gave me a passion for dance which has followed me through my life, a gift I am constantly grateful for.  Had it not been for behaviour which embarrassed her, I might never have discovered one of my passions, so this klutziness definitely has its positive side! 

Is this mysterious gene inherited, you might ask, or is it simply a mutation.  If my daughters are any proof, it is definitely passed down, at least from mother to daughter. We spent their formative years comparing those mystery bruises. 

It may be connected to our ADHD because, otherwise, how do you explain acquiring these sometimes large, painful bruises without being aware of when you get them?  In the case of the coffee incident, I know for a fact that my mind was wandering (as when does it not?) and just lost track of how much coffee was already in the cup. 

These days, I spend more time thinking about the latest crazy dream, where my book is going next, or the next story idea than I do those mundane tasks like walking safely from room to room or doing those every day, mindless chores.  I mean, seriously, how much thought do you need to put into throwing a load of laundry into the machine or putting away dishes you’ve put away a thousand times? 

Life gives me so many moments to just let my imagination wander.  Why shouldn’t I take advantage of them?  OK, so I missed my offramp….five miles back.  Yes, I went to the store and came back with at least four things missing.  Yes, I have had the same piece of paper on my desk for a month (and also on my To Do List) and I still haven’t taken care of it.  It’ll get done….eventually.

It is probably tied to what my mind finds important, and by important, I mean interesting.  It’s a lot like the people I gravitate to these days.  They’re typically smart, funny, thinking types whose minds make me sit up and say “Yeah!”.  They may have strong ideas and beliefs, but are open to those of others, whether or not they might agree with them.  Oftentimes, they are beautiful examples of what I’m aspiring to be.  Most of all, they’re creative in some way! 

More and more as my days as a freelancer stretch out, I realize that the most powerful driving force behind my ability to take this leap of faith is that I was bored out of my mind!  Nowadays, that is rarely an issue.  I can play a game if that’s my desire, take a walk, work on some client stuff, write some more of my book, blog, do a tarot reading, meditate….even clean if that’s what frosts my cupcake at the moment!  In short, no more boredom!  And now that my daughter is also free to make her own schedule, we’ll be going to the gym regularly and working on getting healthier physically too.

It all boils down to this:  I love my life and I love the me I’m finally able to become!

My gratitudes today are:
1. I am grateful for how things always turn out for the best.
2. I am grateful for always having enough.
3. I am grateful for being so in love with my life that I don’t want to sleep it away.
4. I am grateful for a schedule that’s both full and flexible.
5. I am grateful for all of the people in my life who challenge me, push me, make me laugh, frustrate me until I make necessary changes and love me for the crazy, klutzy, nonconformist I am.

Love and light