Ordinarily, I’ve been pretty open and honest in this blog, but I’ve found that there are times when you just have to write things for your own eyes only.  I’ve recently encountered one of those times. 

Yes, normal people have girlfriends they can talk to, but anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows that the last thing I am is “normal”! 

But one thing I do, and do often, is to write down my thoughts.  Doing so has actually helped me work through a lot of issues, including my parents’ suicides, by just getting whatever thoughts I’m having out there, even if nobody is listening but me. 

Some things are resolved fairly quickly, while others take some time, but the key ingredient in learning to adjust to life’s twists and turns is in letting things out instead of holding them inside and letting them fester and stew until an unholy mess is closed up inside of you.

Thankfully, I have no problem writing for myself.  I’ve been doing it most of my life, and have only recently started sharing what I’ve written. 

But now I realize that there will still be times when I can, nay, must, write for myself, alone, to prevent unhealthy containment of things which are better released.

So, fear not, dear readers.  I will return with the life and times of Sheri, including the pratfalls and wrong turns that make my life interesting, or at least, amusing, in due time.  I just need to work through my current dilemma, or at least get to the point where it isn’t as important as it seems right now.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for my dance friends who take me to a different place where troubles and worries don’t exist.
2. I am grateful for my ability to just write things out until I come to terms with whatever is bothering me.
3. I am grateful for my increasing stamina and muscle tone, even if the scale doesn’t move downward as quickly as I’d like!
4. I am grateful for my daughter who is keeping me on track, health-wise.
5. I am grateful for the excitement that is building for our dance cruise!

Love and light.