The wrapping frenzy of the last few days is slowly winding down.  I have but a few more items left to wrap and am able to work for awhile, then take it easy.  My back is grateful for the respite as it was getting rather twitchy.  Of course, waiting too long to see the chiro probably hasn’t helped, and major year end crazies has put the cherry on top of this insanity sundae! 

Meanwhile, sunny So Cal is experiencing a rather sharp drop in temperature, enough that we thin blooded types are shivering in our boots, adding on layers and turning up the thermostat!  My sister claims that her two labs climb in bed with her and that she is really enjoying her “Two Dog Nights”.  My own little furballs fight for prime real estate on my bed or, better yet, on top of me, while my daughter’s 60 pound “baby” finds her sweet spot in the middle of the bed and her feline brother has learned a trick or two from my Dylan Man, choosing the ever favorite head wrap position for his nightly snooze.

Even more surprising, I’ve finally put my sandals away and have resigned myself to wearing shoes and socks!  In fact, even when I get home, the socks stay on until I go to bed.  My days of always being too warm have disappeared without a trace (or, thankfully, a hot flash! Yes, folks, this girl has flashed her last flash!).  These days, I’m loving my fluffy socks and have made a cave under my comforter.  I’m just grateful that I keep my car in the garage where it is a tad warmer.  Even so, I was halfway to work before my hands defrosted, just from getting into the cold car!  It would hardly surprise me if we saw a reprise of 1988 when we saw snow below the 1000 foot level!  I know that for many folks, this all sounds quite bizarre since they’ve been experiencing freezing temperatures and snow for at least a couple of weeks now, but in my neck of the woods, we typically see our snow from a great distance on the mountains north of here, unless we actually drive to where there is snow!  Our trees lose their leaves, only to immediately sprout new ones after the first rain.  To say the least, we’re very spoiled. 

Chatting about the weather here sounds very small talk at a cocktail party, but it just seems to be what’s on everyone’s mind lately, so I thought I’d add my two cents.  Besides, my head is a bit stuffy so really profound thoughts are having a hard time squeezing through the muck!  So it’s probably a good time to just give you my gratitudes and call it a night, huh?

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for a change in the season to make things interesting.
2. I am grateful that I am nearly ready for Christmas Day.
3. I am grateful for lighter traffic as everyone gets ready for Christmas Vacation ( and I refuse to be politically correct about this!)
4. I am grateful for warm kitties on cold nights.
5. I am grateful for an abundance of opportunities and financial successes.

Love and light.