Today was a seriously long day!  I was up at about 5:00 (in the dark, even!) for a leisurely drive to beautiful, downtown Norwalk as the powers that be in the Passport department didn’t like the looks of my birth certificate.  The only way to placate them and still have enough time to get a passport before our trip was to drive to Norwalk where they keep older records on microfiche, prevail upon them to accept my emergency plea, wait around for a couple of hours, and obtain the needed document.  As an extra precaution, I purchased two of the darn things so I don’t ever have to deal with this again!  I was, however, very pleasantly surprised to find that what could have been a horrendous drive down I-5 at rush hour was actually a reasonably pleasant experience as the other drivers were, on the whole, extremely considerate!  I have made many forays through Los Angeles, but never have I found people to be more polite! 

Could this be a new trend?  Are people finally starting to realize that they don’t have to be nasty or rude to get where they’re going in a reasonable amount of time?  Has the old adage “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” finally started to sink in?  I am absolutely thrilled to see this trend, and hope that it continues.  If people can exhibit kindness and consideration on the morning commute, who knows where these random acts of kindness will end?  We might actually find ourselves in a world where violence, anger and hate are no longer exhibited.  We might soon find ourselves spontaneously hugging a stranger or taking a homeless person out for a meal!

As I type this, I am reminded of one rather frightening moment in my drive home.  Driving through Burbank, I spotted a dog on the center divider.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, just after I passed him, he proceeded to cross 4 lanes of traffic, including a stroll past the front of an 18 wheeler!  Miraculously, he reached the shoulder safely as traffic was moving a little slower in that spot for some reason.  Clearly, someone was watching out for the little fellow and knew it was not his time.  It looked like he had a collar, so I only hope that someone managed to catch him and return him to his owners. 

Aside from all of the excitement, I’ve been experiencing bouts of lightheadedness and nausea over the last couple of days.  I don’t actually feel sick, but more, disoriented for a moment or two.  Maybe I’m just practicing detaching myself a bit to allow the Universe to guide me a little ways down my path?  Hard to say, but not quite as hard as it is to get words out tonight.  I have a million thoughts zooming around in my brain, but can’t seem to get any to settle long enough to start a discussion.  It might also be that I’ve just been up for too many hours, and got up in the dark.  My body is just not used to waking before daylight!  I’ve also put in one of the longest days in awhile with a lot of new tasks to address, and more to come, I suspect. 

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the endless, abundant, amazing opportunities coming into my life.
2. I am grateful for increasingly common acts of kindness.
3. I am grateful for an active mind, even when it goes too fast for me to keep up.
4. I am grateful that I have children to love.
5. I am grateful that I am learning to step more confidently outside my comfort zone with no expectations, only trust.

Love and light