As my first year as a Writer quickly draws to a close, I find myself neglecting things in favor of others.

Three days ago, I hit the anniversary date of my career and life change and what do I have to show for it? One novel in edit and review status, one novel in progress, a children’s book yet to be edited and a self-help/memoir which is currently being rethought. And leave us not forget a rather prolific blog which, sadly, has, for the moment, a rather limited readership. (I’m still trying to figure out how to get the numbers up, and have dozens of emails from sites a joined which, if I were to actually read them, might help me!)

The problem is both time and prioritizing. This week, I’ve been to the gym exactly once, spent Monday between the vet and the bank and Tuesday running errands, and since then, have buried myself in a book which nearly bonked me on the head in the Universe’s insistence that I needed to re-read it NOW!

Aside from the fact that, as usual, the Universe was dead on, my poor blog and my exercise routine are suffering badly, and, were it not for my freezer full of healthy meals, my diet would be suffering more than it has been, which, sad to say, is pretty bad!

Letting things slide isn’t always a bad thing.

I’ve spent the last couple of days revisiting “Seth Speaks” which I originally read as a myopic, self-involved and confused teenager. I don’t know how much of it actually ‘took’ at the time, though I’m sure some of it colored my life whether I realized it or not. But reading it now, after I’ve made a huge life change, participated in a very intense Ascension Resonance Therapy class and, to no small degree, had life experiences of my own is nothing short of mind blowing.

This time, ideas like parallel lives in any number of time periods, past, present and future, and on different time lines makes perfect sense to me. The idea that time is not linear? Also completely logical. That the spirit or soul or entity or whatever you want to call it doesn’t die, but moves through time, space and everything else to just be in all of the places it is? Not hard for me to grasp at all.

What really prompted me to go here right now?

As always, things in my life happen for a reason, and that reason can usually be clearly pinpointed. I’d actually been discussing the book, on different occasions, with my friend and massage therapist. I’d also been getting increasingly interested in the concept of channeling, and feel that, somehow, some way, I’m meant to do so myself. Jane Roberts was certainly meant to do so, but Seth waited until she had some life experiences behind her before actually starting the ball rolling, so to speak. However, as I continue to read “Seth Speaks”, I wonder if my lack of a partner in crime is what is holding me back now? Both Jane Roberts and Esther Hicks (who, admittedly, has come under a lot of criticism for both her claims and the money she’s made from her books, seminars and what have you) had someone there to record their sessions and even, when warranted, ask questions.

I’m sure by now you’re asking “How in the heck did she get there from here?” Sure I set out to talk about how I’m neglecting, not only my blog, but my workout routine and about half of my daily chores, but you know how my ADHD tends to take control of my writing here. It’s not like when I’m writing a novel and actually have to get to a point and try to make everything leading up to it make sense, at least indirectly. Most times when I sit down to write my blog, I have a thought in mind, but somewhere along the way, my train derails and takes off in a whole new direction, sometimes across the frozen tundra or an uncharted desert. The good news is, eventually, I do return to the point.

And speaking of ADHD, aside from the fact that the people I know and love best all have at least a touch of it, I am truly confused as to why medical science still insists on calling it an illness, despite the fact that a rather large number of creative geniuses are also “sufferers”. Maybe that’s exactly why I find it so easy to wrap my head around the idea of non-linear time. My thinking is anything but linear in nature, so accepting the fact that something that people have been taught to believe is linear when it isn’t is no more of a leap than putting one foot in front of the other.

Making the big decision for the day.

So here I sit, dressed, once again, in my workout clothes asking that pressing question: “So, what will it be today? Gym or Seth?”. The brain kicks in, left side or right side, it doesn’t really matter, saying:

“Tonight is a dance night, you know, so you will be getting some exercise, and since it’s leg day, you really shouldn’t do legs before dancing, right?”
Of course, the devil on my other shoulder has to put in her two cents, too.
“You’ve been eating like crap the past two days. Do you know how many blue corn tortilla chips have passed your lips? I don’t have to remind you that they will be landing right on your already ample hips! What happened to talking yourself into going to the gym four days a week? Huh? Where’d that go???”. Cranky little twit!

In my defense, the benefit of reading “Seth” is two-fold. Part of it is definitely self-serving, but part really is research so I can move forward on the novel I began in November. It may seem like a stretch to think a book like that would have anything helpful to offer a novel about a woman who inherits a mansion inhabited by the spirits of a couple of centuries of relatives, but you’ll have to trust me on this one.

As I sit here coughing up the detritus from last week’s cold which seems to find it’s way into my lungs as I sleep (maybe there really is something to be said for Seth’s idea that we sleep for much too long at a stretch?) I realize that I will be spending the day reading and drinking Tea for Colds liberally laced with (not what you’re thinking!) honey and lemon so I’ll be hack free for dancing tonight. I sacrifice much for my craft.

My gratitudes today are:
1. I am grateful for Universal head slaps.
2. I am grateful for the life experiences which allow me to learn from something which was only a blip on my life’s radar the first time around.
3. I am grateful for the cooperation of my four boys with their daily doses of refrigerator cold ear drops. (of course, wet food in the morning and treats at night are a strong motivator for their cooperation!)
4. I am grateful for the rain we’re supposed to be getting after several very dry years. My grass is loving the added moisture (or more accurately, my weeds!)
5. I am grateful for abundance: Inspiration, motivation, like-minded souls, opportunities, love, joy, happiness, laughter, dancing, health, harmony, peace and prosperity.