You think you’ve learned your lessons, but then, some of them come back to kick your teeth in all over again! 

I’ve started attending the two-step lessons on Wednesday nights again, now that everything seems to be back in order, physically.  There is a gentleman who is a really nice dancer that I’ve gotten to know a little from the Wednesday night lessons.  Tonight, we talked at length during the beginner class (in hindsight, mostly about him), did the lesson, and danced a few dances between and after the lessons, talking a bit in between. until Heather walked up and we started talking about the fundraiser for Pink Paws.  Suddenly, he says “thanks for the dances”, almost like he was dismissing me, and walked away.  He spent the rest of the evening dancing with another of the ladies there, then walked her to her car.

Now, I haven’t any designs on the man, I just enjoy dancing with him.  So what did I do wrong this time?  Admittedly, if he asked me out for coffee or something, I’d probably accept, as he seems like someone who would make a nice friend and occasional dance partner.  He was even complaining about how slow he picks things up because he doesn’t have anyone to practice with.  I told him that he could have his pick of practice partners if he wanted!  I get the impression, on the one hand, that he doesn’t want any complications in his life, but on the other hand, he gives me these dreamy, half lidded looks, and holds me a little closer than necessary when we dance.

Where the failure to learn a lesson comes in is that this isn’t the first time a guy gave me mixed signals and I read them wrong.  Also, damn it all, my feelings were a bit hurt by the sudden change in the way the wind was blowing!   It left me wondering if I had done something to cause him to back off like that, or if it was just something in him?
Sadly, I really enjoy dancing with him, but don’t know if I’ll be able to feel comfortable with him after this.  But sheesh!  It’s a dance, not a date!

On the bright side, I got lots of exercise tonight as there were about twice as many men as women in the class.  I wish the ratio was that good on Thursdays and Saturdays!  So I definitely got the exercise the doctor is prescribing!  Killer lesson with a killer pattern!

Love and light.