As I was leaving work today, I spotted an SUV with the words “Faith”  and “Hope” on its back window.  My first thought was “where is “Love”?”  Then, in the usual convoluted manner my mind thinks, it occurred to me that these three words are truly what should be known as the Holy Trinity.  Isn’t this what it’s really all about? 

Further pondering led me to the realization that, in many cases, religion simply gives people a reason to band together as a community.  Many people I know belong to a church or temple, attend services regularly, and participate in activities but what they really have is a community which will be there for them in times of need and in times for rejoicing.  For the most part, the same thing could be accomplished in a less organized fashion with a large and devoted circle of friends.  My parents seemed to make up for the lack of a religious community in their lives with a circle of friends, but it seems that I did not learn what they knew in this regard.  Although I have been part of a circle several times over the years, I seem to have either discarded, been discarded by, or we just left each other behind by most of those people.

Thus, the lesson I am seeking in the coming weeks and months is to develop a new community for myself where I can learn and experience the give and take that exists within such a group, regardless of the reasons it may have formed in the first place.

Love and light.