Funny thing about jumping to conclusions, the landing is rarely pleasant.  In fact, our brains should have a warning system that says something like “when preparing to jump to conclusions, look twice, don’t leap, look again, don’t leap….” repeat as needed until the moment passes and you are once more behaving like a rational human being.

I didn’t follow that wonderful, if belated advice this week, despite warnings from two friends, and when I leaped, what I landed in was no more than I deserved but, in a word, YUK!  As I was cautioned, I didn’t have all of the facts, I didn’t choose my words carefully, and though I was much calmer by the time a face to face discussion ensued to sort things out, the damage has been done.  My only hope is that I can prevent the damage from being too far-reaching, but I’ve definitely damaged my own reputation, and for that I am, of course, kicking myself from here to Sunday.    In my own defense, I did manage to allow myself to cool off before writing the damaging email, or it would have been a great deal worse.  I also went in prepared to listen and thus, avoided making a suggestion I had in mind which would have made me look even less competent.  So I guess I can say that, although I have a long way to go, I really have made some progress over the last few years, and when I do go off, it’s only fractionally cocked instead of half or full. 

At any rate, I’ve given myself food for thought, and am going to cogitate on the whole affair for some time, so as to remind myself to stop being my own worst enemy when what I really should be is my own best friend! 

Just another lesson to be learned, I guess.  What would life be if we just knew it all and behaved perfectly every time anyway?  Boring!

Love and light