So, it is now 2 days shy of a month on this low carb deal and what do I have to show for it?  Are my clothes falling off of me now, forcing me to start wearing the less fluffy clothes in my closet?  Am I seeing my svelte self shining through?  Are bones I haven’t seen in eons starting to reappear?

Well, the simple answer is, NO.  Instead, I’ve managed to lose a whopping 3 pounds in that month, although, to be honest, I’d dropped 4 before I even started this nonsense!  Have I been 100% faithful to the rules?  No,.  But I’m finding that some of the things I’ve given up (like, for instance, rice) just don’t taste good to me any more.  Have I increased my movement?  Absolutely!  So how am I stuck at 3 lousy pounds in 4 weeks?  Where is the justice in all of this?  OK, so I do feel better, more energetic and less lethargic.  Even as I’m missing certain foods, eating them is another story as they just don’t sound good any more!  I sometimes mourn the loss of my brown rice and enchiladas, but truth be told, I’d rather have a chicken breast and a plate of steamed veggies.  For that, alone, I should be seeing faster results.  I’m not asking to lose 30 pounds a month, but THREE????  Seriously???  I can hear all of the platitudes about changing my behaviour forever and such, but the fact of the matter is, 3/4 of a pound a week is what you do when you only have 5 or 10 left to lose, right?  And then, I hear that it’s going to take me nearly 2 years to drop what I only conservatively believe will get me to a healthy weight?  I get discouraged just thinking about it!

OK, this is beginning to sound like a whine-fest, and anyone who knows me is aware of just how much I dislike whining!  So on to something more interesting.

This weekend is another AHS reunion and I’m sure hoping Joleen and Ross can make it in from NV and AZ respectively.  I’m also hoping to see MPP (aka Miss Perky Pom Poms) again! The last visit was fun, but way too short!  I might even give up a night of dancing to just hang with her and some of my other classmates (amazing, huh?).  Even more of my class have indicated they’re coming and that’s very exciting as the bulk of the meets have been older classmates up to now.  It’s always fun to see who else will show this time, too. 

I had intended to write more later tonight, but as there are some things I need to sleep on rather than rant about right now, I’ll just bring today’s post to a close.

Love and light.