Yes, Virginia, you are what you eat!

Yesterday, when I finally dragged my lazy, unmotivated self out to do some much-needed grocery shopping, it occurred to me in one of those lightbulb flashing, aha moments, that part of the problem with my lack of energy and motivation was directly related to the way I’d slacked off on healthy eating habits. For the last few weeks, I’ve opted for the quick and easy route of dry cereal and dried fruit with a coffee chaser. As my body had been used to either a cup of yogurt or, better still, a veggie scramble and some fruit, I think I inadvertently threw myself into a version of starvation mode. Worse, still, was my hit or miss habit of taking my daily vitamins and supplements. What’s a poor, abused body to do but shut down and want more and more sleep?

Today begins my return to those good, healthy habits.

My shopping trip to Underwood Farms and Trader Joe’s yesterday garnered a great many fresh fruits and vegetables, NO cereal, a bag of raw almonds for munching, and only mini fruit and cream bars from the ice cream case. I also didn’t stock up on a bunch of between-meal snacks as my protein rich diet will find me less inclined to require such things, as will increased movement in the form of gym visits, housework, and (*gasp*) maybe even yard work! Day 1 of the change is going well, so far. I was actually excited to go into the kitchen to chop veggies and whip up my special scramble. I feel pleasantly full and, with breakfast finished, my teeth are brushed and vitamins and supplements swallowed. I also don’t feel as edgy and twitchy as I have for the last few days. (OK, lot’s of “I’s” in there, and really, though it isn’t readily apparent, efforts are being made to use the word less here!) It seems that the “experts” are right about keeping those vitamin and mineral levels elevated.

Hermit mode continues

As the day went on, reading a book and snuggling with the cats, the feeling of needing to avoid crowds intensifies. It’s not people in general which are off-putting, but many people in one place. Not to mention that my usual haunt is a bit energetically tainted right now, so I have to figure out how to better shield myself until the taint wears off. It’s not as if I can smudge the place, as it isn’t my space to smudge. The extra-attentiveness of the cats tells me that, on an energetic level, I’d be wise to trust my feelings. In the last couple of days, Toby and Munchkin, especially, have gone from laying on my lap or stomach to laying over my heart. Scrappy is planting himself closer to my heart chakra as well. As cats (as well as dogs and other animals) are far more sensitive to energetic shifts than we silly, desensitized humans are, I’ve learned that it is wise to heed their changes in behavior, and to watch for signs of what is causing the change. Those changes are easier to ferret out in a more quiet environment, so I have to believe that my sudden and complete aversion to larger groups of people is directly related.

Meditation brings unusual visions

Today’s meditation began with a request that clarification be given for the last week or so of strange, vivid dreams and weird feelings. Almost immediately, an image of a large man wearing jeans and suspenders, and carrying something large over his shoulder, popped into my head. What followed was words like “support”, “strength”, “lifting of weight”. I took these to mean that some sort of financial transaction was coming my way which would “fill the coffers” so to speak, and allow me more freedom to relax and continue pursuing the dreams which are taking rather longer than anticipated to come into fruition. (isn’t that always the case?) Whatever is coming will shore me up for awhile and allow me to fully focus on the things I need to do to make those dreams a reality.

As the day drew to a close, the unthinkable happened. I chose a quiet evening at home over my usual dance night. But all things considered, it was exactly what was needed, and the cats are quite happy with the decision. Let’s hope the week of Hermit-dom is drawing to a close now, but if not, that there will be some serious productivity coming out of it!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for a quiet night at home.
2. I am grateful for answers to the questions which puzzle me.
3. I am grateful for nights of quiet, dreamless sleep.
4. I am grateful to my guides and Higher Self who do their darndest to keep me on track.
5. I am grateful for abundance: health, time, harmony, love, prosperity.