So I’ve been following the low carb, high protein and veggie diet prescribed by my nutritionist for nearly a month now.  The first two weeks were, to put it mildly, quite disappointing.  I lost a single pound and a percent of body fat.  So she told me to increase my activity or eat less protein.  Yikes!  I’ve already given up brown rice, potatoes and bananas!  So I added the Wednesday night dance class back to my schedule (thankfully, the Levaquin induced tendon pain was mostly gone!) and have, in the last couple of weeks, walked all over the Ventura County Fair, done some gardening, scrubbed floors, worked for at least 3 hours a week at cat adoptions, including helping tear down the cages, and even taken a walk during the day now and then.  What I’m trying to say in 10,000 words or more is that this whole thing is clearly on my mind in a big way.  So big, in fact, that I woke up this morning with a dream still very vivid in my mind.  The dream took place in my mind’s weird version of Vegas, but I remember looking in the mirror and seeing my collarbone standing out quite prominently, something it hasn’t done in years, I might add.  There was a scale set up in a hallway and people were waiting in line to use it.  The first time I got on it, it showed that I weighed what I did when this whole change of diet thing started.  I remember thinking “that can’t be right!  I can see my collarbone!”  So I got back on the scale, it registered differently (what, so it was Vegas and even the scales were slot machine wannabee’s?).  I got excited because I’d lost 68 pounds!  Now, why 68 and not 70 or 65 or 100 for that matter?  I don’t know.  But I do know that I woke up thinking “I’d be happy to lose 68 pounds if that’s what it’s going to be.”    So is this my subconscious actually coming to the surface and expressing an intention?  Have I lost control and some other piece of my cosmic pie is now taking charge?  Like any other goal or intention I’ve set lately, I know it doesn’t mean that when I start getting close to the goal, I can’t set another one, but my past history has been to set smaller, more manageable goals.   And where is Miss Perky Pom Poms when I need her?

So is this the wave of my future?  Larger goals with longer timelines?   Less instant gratification and more walking the path to greater achievements?  One thing is for certain, life never manages to be boring!

But wait!  Intentions are intentions, right?  Regardless of how they’re expressed.  Ok, I’ll take it!  (This after eating about a pound of shrimp, some mini marshmallows and then baking a pan of brownies I can’t eat for a potluck on Thursday!)  I’m also finding that the rice I used to just love doesn’t even taste good any more.  How’s that for weird?  Have my taste buds been taken over by aliens?  Have the intentions taken control of what tastes good now?  I guess this and other questions will be answered over the next few months!

Love and light