Some days, it just doesn’t pay to make plans you might be too attached to

I don’t know about you, but every so often, The Universe throws me one of those days that says “if you have anything you’re really attached to doing today, you might as well kiss it good-bye!” Today was definitely one of those days. After another night of really crazy dreams (would you believe, digital timers embedded in peoples’ wrists?) I spent overlong snuggling with the cats, and even Toby decided to behave himself and not be obnoxious about his delayed breakfast! In fact, he was snuggled beside me when I finally decided I’d slept/dozed/dreamed/cuddled long enough. By then, it was after 11!

When I finally sat down at my computer, I noticed that the Wireless light on my modem was, once again, dark. Heaving a huge sigh, I mentally prepared myself to sit on hold with AT & T tech support for at least a half hour. Much to my amazement, after punching the requisite number of things into the keypad and answering several yes/no questions, I got a real person. OK, he was probably in India, by his accent, but his English was clear, and better still, when I told him I’d already run the diagnostics and didn’t need to sit on the phone while he ran them again, he immediately determined that the problem was with my modem and arranged for a technician to come by…not in a day or two, but in the next 4 hours! This kind of service from AT & T is utterly unheard of, but incredibly welcome! Even better, my window was 12-4 and the technician was here by 3, did a couple of tests and had the whole thing fixed and reset to my same settings within about 15 minutes! Having come out of my meditation with the tell-tale squirrelly vision of an impending migraine, I couldn’t have been happier, as it gave me time to lay back with my eyes closed and prevent the worst of the headache from materializing.

Of course, the whole thing caused a change in how I’d planned my day as I didn’t dare leave the house until the technician came. Thus, I made my trip to the local farm around 4:30, heading back (and, thankfully, avoiding the freeway) after 5:00. This is not a good thing on any weekday, but today, in particular, it proved rather more than simply difficult. As I tried to avoid hitting all of the signals on a particular section of the main drag, I found my progress blocked, and changed my route three times before finally getting back to the freeway and Trader Joe’s. Shortly after I made the decision to avoid the freeway entrance where I was, the radio announced that there had been a fatal accident right near that on ramp. Not only did it explain the logjam, but it meant that there would be little to no traffic between the next on ramp and my destination.

At any rate, rather later than I’d planned, I came home to restock my larder for another week of home made meals, a little worse for wear after fighting my way through the unusually heavy traffic as people sought alternate routes to get around the accident. I was given reason, yet again, to be thankful for living in a town where people are actually reasonably courteous on the road most of the time. Making a left turn onto my street involved crossing the line of cars trying to avoid the freeway. A pickup truck and a Mini were kind enough to leave the way clear so I could pass.

Even hanging in bed for longer than I’d intended proved interesting as I overheard someone saying that they should just call me to either clean up some kind of mess or deal with a lack of personnel to perform some tasks. Either way, if accurate, it would prove lucrative for me, and allow still more time for me to establish myself as a writer, rather than an accountant. As this one felt really strong, I will be watching to see what the next week or so brings.

The strange, uncomfortable, change charged energy I’ve been feeling all week seems to be in full-swing now. Yet, I find myself needing to sleep longer. Which of course begs the question: Will I be finding myself grateful for stocking up on sleep in the near future?

Remembering to make requests in broad strokes

As I meditated today, I kept cautioning myself to be as unspecific as possible in my requests to the Universe, and, several times, had to do an “Accept, acknowledge, release” when specifics crept into my thoughts. At the risk of a migraine, I think I was, ultimately successful at avoiding trying to guide the Universe’s hand in answering my requests. It’s difficult to keep from saying I want work from this source or that source, but I know that it will be better in the long run to leave those details to Source, who sees more of the big picture than I can. My latest mantra really is “I am exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.” If pressed, I’ll even admit that I’ve had several indications that this is so, even while others might give me temporary cause for concern. In the end, all will definitely be well!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for kind, considerate people.
2. I am grateful for days which don’t turn out as planned.
3. I am grateful for the company of my cats who seem to be about as much as I can take at the moment.
4. I am grateful for my faith in the Universe and its intentions, as it has our best interests at heart, even when things seem dark and scary.
5. I am grateful for abundance: love, health, happiness, lessons, challenges, joy, harmony, peace and prosperity.