I realize that my writing has been less than prolific over the last few days (ok, nonexistent!) as I’ve been struggling to follow this new diet plan that the nutritionist gave me (protein, fruit, veggies and more veggies!) as well as adding more activity to my routine.  I have managed another night of dancing and walked all over the fair on Friday, but, I admit that I ate some things which weren’t exactly in the plan!  And, of course, brunch with Heather on Sunday was yummy, and included a couple of things I should normally avoid, but today was much better, so I’m hoping it will all balance out.  And I bought a ton of fresh veggies at TJ’s today, so I will be better able to stick to plan this week!  I do find that I have more energy as I’m not weighting myself down with carbs, and I was able to work the whole day at cat rescue, including breaking down the cages.  The Levaquin has clearly left the building as it is easier every day to walk, dance, bend, stretch, and all of the lovely things I was taking for granted before my tendons started screaming for mercy!  One thing is for certain, I won’t take things like walking and crouching down to pick up one of the innumerable things I’ve dropped during my daily activities for granted any more!  I crouch to pick something up or skritch one of the cats and offer up a great, big “Thank you!” each and every time!  I wake in the morning having had another night of sleep free of leg pain, and express my gratitude.  I come home after walking all over the fair and dancing through the concert, and acknowledge my blessings loudly and proudly.

Maintaining the gratitude along with a mental youthfulness makes every day a new adventure.  I look in the mirror these days and am astounded at the beauty and the glow radiating from within myself.  Although it seemed a bit silly when I first started telling myself, I realize that I truly am madly in love with myself, and can’t help but tell myself so every chance I get!  If it were another human being, wouldn’t we all make sure they knew?  So is it any less important to remind ourselves?  We need the love, the acceptance, the appreciation and the forgiveness as much as anyone else does.   And if we can’t give those things to ourselves, how are others going to realize that we really do deserve them?  We don’t need neon signs to proclaim this.  We are our own best advertisement by the gleam in our eye and the glow of our skin.

And after spending about 3 hours today with the lady who first introduced me to “The Secret” and seeing how much she glows too, (and doesn’t look a day over 30, either!) I know that we’ve both found the real secret, and live it and love it every day!

So let’s start gleaming and glowing!

Love and light.