After my political rant yesterday, I’m happy to say that I’ve calmed down and feel comfortable in having gotten it off my chest.  I’m not typically a very political person, in fact, politics tends to bore me, but the truth laundering has really reached a point where only someone whose head was sunk 10 feet into the sand would fail to notice.  Thus, even a disbeliever in the system like myself will have to, once in awhile, have something to say.

It does, however, tend to really abrade now that my attitude leans more towards finding something, anything positive about a situation, because, frankly, aside from the entertainment value engendered by a bunch of highly paid stupid people, doing their best to make the rest of us feel stupider while trying to hide their real agenda, I just can’t find much good in the whole thing.  So I just say to everyone in Washington, if you’re going to behave like pigs, my dears, I shall have nothing more to do with you!  And, I do NOT need a pig, here! 🙂

Besides, I have much better things to think about as I’m getting text updates from Heather about the imminent birth of her best friend’s son, and I will get to spend an early second birthday with my granddaughter on Wednesday.  Both occasions are far more pleasant than politics any day of the week! 

Apparently, my granddaughter is into trains at the moment, so I found a ride on teaching toy that’s a little train.  Her mommy insists that she will love it! 

And wonderful news on the Levaquin tendon front.  I am again able to crouch down, bending my knees, and also to get up and down from chairs without having to gear myself up for 5 minutes before heaving and ho’ing my way up and out.  While running errands today, I wasn’t even having to carefully position myself with both feet on the ground before getting in and out of the car!  This sort of thing really makes me appreciate all of the little things I was taking for granted.  I get up every morning, and am grateful for being able to move more freely again.  Believe me, I won’t take the simple act of getting out of a chair for granted again!  I was so fortunate to catch the problem in time, before any permanent damage could occur.  I still approach a situation like my perpetual case of dropsies, cautiously when I have to crouch down to pick up whatever I’ve managed to lose this time, but when I do get down to the ground and back up without pain, I find myself saying a silent “thank you”.  And of course, because I’m already spending a lot of time being grateful, more things are going my way as well.  I’m catching more green lights, even getting off the freeway to go to work.  I just sail through the offramp and all subsequent lights between there and my office.  Clearly, the Universe hears my gratitude and gives me more and more things to be grateful for. 

Another week of silence with regard to the house, though.  I’m starting to sweat getting it done before Thanksgiving, but with luck, once things get going, they’ll move quickly.  Meanwhile, it gives me time to pay the line down and focus on spending less every month.  (although the holidays are coming!  I’m really going to have to reign myself in this year!)  Heather’s birthday is already handled with the concert tickets.  I have Sera’s gift already and Jenni will probably just get a check.  She doesn’t share my taste in music anyway, so this way she can get what she wants for herself.  Although I’m hoping to get a birthday dinner out of the girls this year.  Time will tell. 

I’m trying very hard to respect her right to raise her child as she sees fit, and Sera seems both happy and healthy.  I know that I resented my mother’s suggestions, and have no reason to doubt Jenni would resent mine as well.   I’m grateful that I’m getting to be a part of her life, and that Jenni is encouraging her to get to know her blood family now.  That’s enough.  And Jenni is learning that giving respect gets it back.  As she stops bracing herself for the worst with me, we are actually starting to enjoy each others’ company, albeit in small doses for now. 

Although patience has never been my strong suit, it is truly giving the best results, so I shall persevere.  Who says you can’t teach an old dawg new tricks?

Love and light.