Tonight I get to see an old friend from high school and participate in a sweat ceremony.  I’m very excited about seeing the old friend, and both excited and nervous about the sweat ceremony because, although I’ve done some reading, I don’t entirely know what to expect.  I suspect that my practice with meditation will allow me to get more out of the ceremony because I’ve learned to let go and allow Universal Mind to guide me, so in that regard, I’m very excited.  Now, how I’m going to handle sitting on the ground for long periods in a very hot enclosure remains to be seen. (but thankfully, all of the extreme body temperature fluctuations of menopause are behind me now!)  Last night, I made a big bowl of gazpacho as my contribution to the evening, fortunately remembering in time to go to the farmer’s market for fresh tomatoes and some of the other veggies I needed.  I had to get the rest at Whole Foods (which is probably almost as fresh, though not quite right out of the fields!) for some things but the basil and the tomatoes were from the farmer’s market so all’s good.  I only hope that heeding Heather’s advice and using nearly 1/4 cup of basil instead of the two teaspoons isn’t going to overpower the brew!  Granted, I always overdo the garlic and, in truth, probably use more veggies than the original recipe requires, so it’ll probably be fine. 

Naturally, because it’s Saturday and I wanted to sleep in a bit, Toby had to practice his musical skills around 6 AM.  I tried really hard to convince him to come snuggle, but his interests lay elsewhere, and as a result, so did he and his little partner in crime, Loki, when they found themselves on the dark side of my closed bedroom door!  Thankfully, Mr. Dylan was curled up on the floor and was quite happy to climb up on the pile of pillows for some one-on-one Mama lovin’s.  Just as he jumps up on my desk as soon as I sit down at the computer.  In a way, I think he’s participating in this writing process, so it’s going to be interesting doing it without him while I’m in Sedona. 

Card of the Day:  Three of cups.  (another repeater!)
I see:  Three women dressed in gowns of gold raise their chalices in celebration  as they dance in a field of ripe pumpkins.  They are united by many factors, not the least of which is the harvest, but there is clearly a strong kinship between them which is deep rooted and the product of many years.
I feel:  Strong bonds extend beyond mere human lifetimes and draw souls together time and again, to learn lessons, strengthen bonds and accomplish tasks set by the Universe.  At times, the souls meet to resolve old issues, and at others, to carry out some sort of mission which may span many lifetimes to be fully accomplished.  At others, they simply meet because they are parts of a whole. 
I think:  Lately, I have been reconnecting with people from my past who bring back fond memories of simpler times.  Tonight I see an old friend with whom I spent many hours hiking, talking and just being a kid learning the world.  Next weekend, I get to see another old friend who I remember most for her beautiful singing voice in French class.  Thinking of both of these women who have now made wonderful lives for themselves instantly brings a smile to my face.  But the one I’ll see tonight, as I have been following snippets of her life via Facebook, makes me think “Earth Mother”.  She is very in tune with Mother Earth, growing her own food, keeping chickens for their eggs, holding sweat ceremonies on her ranch, and otherwise, positively influencing others.  She is a teacher in the true sense of the word, and not just because she has “Phd” after her name.  I welcome the opportunity to learn from her as well. 

I can see that what has been on my mind the last couple of days, or really longer, is seeing Bea and participating in the sweat ceremony tonight.  Although I’d never have embarked upon this, left to my own devices, the kids’ Anthropology project is giving me an amazing opportunity.  Although a lot of the meditation techniques I’ve experienced are based on Indian influences as in the country, India, there are definitely other cultures who utilize meditation in other forms to the same purpose, and the Native Americans are certainly one which is heavily connected to Universe and to the Earth. 

As I sit here in my messy office, I look around at all of the things I want to clear out in order to get ready for the changes coming to my life.  I want to clear more clutter, organize what remains and just clean everything up.  I remember listening to a speaker saying that after taking her classes, you wouldn’t watch tv any more.  I think that my viewing time has already decreased by doing my own thing, and there will definitely come a point where it’s very low on my list of priorities, although, frankly, I will always appreciate a little down time, be it watching tv, reading a book or just snuggling with my cats (although both of the prior activities are usually done with a cat or three nearby, much as my writing almost always includes Dylan on my desk, if not someone else in the room as well) 

But I need to get on with my day so that we can be on the road when I’d planned to be.   Still debating whether or not to take the laptop (knowing me, I probably will as I’m sure I’ll have thoughts I want to get down tonight or tomorrow morning that I don’t want to wait until I’ve made the 2 hour drive home to record!)

Love and Light.