Card of the Day:  Four of Wands  A card of celebration
I see:  A couple standing under a bower of flowers held up by four posts (almost like a chupa except for the church in the background) exchanging their vows on a beautiful, clear day.  A child plays in the background, watched over by two women who are waving to her.  Flower petals litter the ground at the couples’ feet and the hillside behind them is healthy and green.
I feel:  Another sign of new beginnings.  What is more obvious than a couple embarking on a life together?  The cycle of life, birth, marriage, birth again, and finally, the human part dies, releasing the soul to go to another life, learn more lessons, increasing the Universal mind even more.  Everything we learn causes Universal mind to grow, even though someone else may have learned the same thing before.  All knowledge is there for the taking, but when someone utilizes that knowledge and in utilizing it, makes something out of it, the world as we know it continues to expand, endlessly.
I think:  This is just another reminder that my new beginning is going to be successful and influential and meaningful.  There is some kind of pairing involved, perhaps just my humanness with my divineness, but the pairing is important and will strengthen both parts which are joined.

Interesting how my daily cards are very positive and empowering lately.  I can feel myself growing and connecting more strongly with the Universe every day.  My heart fills with joy as I think about all that is coming into my life simply by opening myself to the Universe and listening to what it wants me to know.

As today went on, it really started hitting home that a week from tomorrow, I’ll be in Sedona and truly embarking on the next phase of my life.  I’ll be making more spiritual connections, but above all, I’ll be starting my book!  My passion for this project increases daily, but I know that at some point, I need to connect with other people who have lost immediate family members in this truly devastating way.  I need to talk to them about what they felt and more, how they dealt with those feelings, if they found closure and comfort, or if they still struggle to understand and to forgive themselves for something which was beyond their control.  So I need to find a way to connect with those people and ask them to share their stories with me.  That is the part a. to my purpose right now.