Because I have been in proposal hell for the last 3 days, this post is coming out quite late in the day, but it is still being written.

So I was trying to describe how my arm has been tingling lately to my Chiro, and I compared it to the energy transfer thing Barb does with my massages.  He says, “Oh, you’re into that too?  I wasn’t sure, but now that I know, I can incorporate the energy transfer and some other healing things into your treatments”.  I can understand how he would be cautious about mentioning a more spiritual approach to healing unless he’s sure a patient is receptive.  Some people would consider it very weird, run out the door and look for another practitioner.  I am very lucky in that I’m really not going to lose anything I would consider important by being open about my beliefs these days.  Granted, there were a lot of years where that wasn’t the case, and the fact that more and more people are getting away from the monotheistic, male dominated religions which make a more open and less dogmatic viewpoint more accepted makes it easier on a lot of us.  But I can’t see a CPA, a doctor or a lawyer being too open with clients until they were sure that the clients were either receptive or at least nonjudgemental.   So in a lot of ways, my career path has allowed me to do and be things I would otherwise have had to suppress.  But as a result, I’ve found that if I feel an ache or pain or a bit of discomfort, I remind my body that it’s natural state is one of wellness and to stop whining and be well!  If nothing else it makes me smile and the joyfulness makes the pain go away, so it’s all good.

Card of the Day:  King of Wands (ok, this is the third time for this guy!  I’m beginning to think that the Universe is trying very hard to tell me something!)
I see:  A bearded man crowned in gold, garbed in reds and golds holds a staff in his right hand and a seedling in his left.  His arm rests on his tame dragon who tries very hard to look ferocious.  Red and yellow flowers grow in wild abandon over his right shoulder as he gazes outward.
I feel:  First and foremost, this guy is coming up a LOT lately, so there’s clearly some significance.  Either his characteristics are somehow indicative of where I’m going, or there is a man coming into my life, or, for that matter, already in my life who shares his qualities and who will have a major impact on the next few months.  According to one of the Tarot lesson sites I’ve used, the characteristics include charismatic, creative, inspiring, bold and forceful.  I’m definitely inclined to believe this is an indication of someone coming into my life, but it could also be indicative of the creative endeavor I am launching in another week.  If nothing else, these are definitely qualities I value both in others and in myself.
I think: The neon sign has lots of bulbs in it now.  If there were any doubts that I was on the right track, they should all be dispelled after the third occurrence of this card.  And interestingly, it means something a little different each time I see it.  Which, I believe, is part of the point of this card of the day exercise.  To see different things in the cards, and to be able to read the different stories that they can tell.  I am reminded of a dream I had recently where a man just looked at 8 cards and was able to weave an entire scenario out of them.  I was awestruck, but also determined to be able to ultimately do the same.  And that will only come with practice, and doing a card of the day and really getting to know the cards is the route I must travel. 

Heather wants to move out by the end of the summer, and has already looked into rooms to rent and alternative car insurance.  I want to tell her that she’s making a huge mistake and that her part time job will not support her, but I also know that she has to figure some things out for herself.  I did ask her to pare back her plans for work on the house, and although it upset her, I trust she’ll abide by my decision.  She doesn’t need to tie up her entire summer working on a house she won’t even be living in to enjoy the fruits of her labor.  I don’t think she really realizes what a big job tearing out brick and painting is going to be.  And she needs to have some time this summer to just play.  In the meantime, having the house completely to myself and the furballs will give me more time to focus on writing my book, I suppose.  And I do want to make sure I do some writing every day, even if I end up trashing half of what I put down.  The habit of writing every day is very important to me right now, and allowing myself to miss a day will only make it harder to keep going until the book is complete.  As it is, my life is filling up with commitments so I need to make those early and late alone times very special and filled with writing.  I find that if I sit down, I’ll usually come up with a few things to say, even if many of them are just inanities.  Soon, more of what I write will be something worth reading, and worth publishing too.

Love and light.